Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Happy Thanksgiving! I would like to start with a few words about what I am most thankful for....

~I am thankful for my wonderful and loving husband who is so supportive of me and such a team player in our marriage and our parenting.
~I am thankful for my beautiful son, who is (mostly) healthy and smart and definitely loving and caring!
~I am thankful for my parents, who have always been supportive and encouraging, not only of me but of everyone that they love and care about. My parents, especially my mother, are two of the most giving people I know. I truly believe that I am blessed with the greatest parents in the world!

You can tell poor Mom is not at her best in this picture!! Rest up Mom!

~I am thankful for the opportunity to celebrate holidays and get together with family.
~I am thankful for food in my belly, a warm home to live in, and comforts to enjoy.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my mother had her knee surgery yesterday. It went well. the doctor found a torn miniscus (sp?) and arthritis and did the best he could to repair everything. The biggest challenge we had in cooking Thanksgiving dinner today was keeping my hobbling mother out of the kitchen! My mother is a natural cook~ a WONDERFUL cook! The kind of cook who just knows how to cook things, but not necessarily how to explain it or how much of each ingredient she uses. It proves quite interesting when you are trying to recreate her recipes!

Everyone pitched in today and did something to help get everything prepared and cooked.
Here you see Dad getting ready to cut the potatoes.
Here is Mark preparing the Olive and Cream Cheese Stuffed Celery.

At some points there were too many cooks in the kitchen with no one really knowing what they were doing. But Mom was never too far away, and we always went yelling to her for direction!!! She is now assured that we do indeed have another 50 year lease on her, because we would SURELY be lost without her!!!

~ I am so thankful for my mom, the heart of our family! ~

Here are Memmere (my Mom's Mom) and Marie (my Dad's cousin) relaxing in the living room (don't they look excited?!?!? lol)

Here are Erick and Devin with Erick's parents.I was trying to get a shot of Devin with his Indian band here, but he snuck out of the shot! Little bugger! I guess its better than the eyes closed shots he was giving me previously!

And no, unfortunately I did not get any food shots. I know, I am disappointed too. Things were so crazy and hectic when were getting the food on the table that the thought did not even cross my mind!

I give all of you readers who single handedly cook Thanksgiving dinner A LOT of credit! Its a lot of work! Phew!

Lastly, I hope that each and every one of you were able to enjoy some quiet moments with those you love best and reflect on what you are most thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Stacey said...

It sound like you guys did a wonderful job. I hope your mom recovers quickly. The pictures are great.

Lisa and Curtis said...

You got some great pictures of your family!! I LOVE the one of you, Erick & Devin!! Sooo good! Sounds like you all had a great time! I bet the food was delish!!! Hope your momma feels better soon!!