Friday, January 28, 2011

Phone Photo Friday~ Hard At Work

We've started our Valentine's Day projects!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Randomness

* On Sunday we went to a birthday party for one of Erick's cousin's daughters. She turned 9 and had a Hello Kitty themed birthday party at a place called AMAZEment. Devin had loads of fun! The first hour of the party was dedicated to swimming. Devin started off in the shallow end with some of the other kids. After an half hour or so he decided he wanted to go in the deep end with the "older kids." In order to go in the deep end, you had to pass a swim test. He marched over to the lifeguard full of Bravdo and asked if he could do the Swim Test. The swim test consisted of swimming length-wise down the pool in the 6ft section without stopping or touching the walls/floor. I knew that in the summer (4 months ago!!) Devin could swim the width of the deep end, but I wasn't sure that he could make that great length required for the "test." Wouldn't you know, Devin swam than length no problem! About half way through he turned his head and said, "Mommy! I'm doing it!" I was so proud of him! I am thrilled that he has not lost any of his swimming skills. Needless to say, Devin spent the rest of the swimming time playing in the deep end. After swimming the kids played in a giant maze climbing structure complete with slides. Then came pizza and cake followed by tokens/games. What a fun place for the kids!

*Devin is officially all registered for Kindergarten. Erick, Devin, and I went to the private, Christian pre-school/kindergarten (that I visited back in the fall) this afternoon. After the 3 of us were shown around by the director and able to meet the Kindergarten teachers/check out the classrooms we gave the deposit and paperwork to hold him a spot for fall. We are very excited and think that this school will be a great match for Devin. He really seemed to like it and mentioned a few times that he is excited for kindergarten and thinks he will like his new school.

*Devin is also signed up for baseball! This April Devin will be playing on an Instructional 4 year Old Team. (He missed the cut-off by 1 day for T-Ball.) My understanding is that Instructional will be very much like T-Ball, but for 4 year olds.

*I am getting a car starter put in on Friday. Oh boy! I can't wait! With temperatures like today -8, feels like -22, I could definitely use a car starter!!

*What do you think Lolly is trying to tell me? She was sitting in my school bag for a long time tonight!
Look at this silly kitty doing her stretches!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Logical Conversation

During our icy, slushy commute to school yesterday I heard that we are supposed to get a sizable amount of snow on Friday. I said out loud, in a rhetorical manner, "MORE SNOW? REALLY? What is going on with all this snow?"

Devin, unnecessarily, replied back, "It's winter Mommy!"

Just goes to show you how logical kids can be. He really should have added a big, fat DUH at the end of that statement! LOL

P.S Totally unrelated but this is my 400th post!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Days

We are on our 3rd snow day in a week (with the potential for MORE snow on Friday...). I must say this is getting to be a bit much, even for New England. I am wondering if Devin will EVER get back to school?? He has been out for over a week between being sick, MLK Day, and now the snow day. We are having snow now which is expected to turn over to freezing rain later this afternoon (that's fun- the possibility of losing power, extremely slick roads, etc). Will we be in school tomorrow? We should be there Thursday and then MORE snow Friday? COME ON Mother Nature! Give us a break! Please! I'd like to go to work and enjoy my son more in late June when we can be outside swimming in the pool, playing at the splash park, and meeting up with friends!

For now, we are pulling out some of his "old toys" that he hasn't played with in a while to keep him entertained.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Illness Update

I definitely kick myself in the you-know-what for saying this has been Devin's healthiest year yet! He is just starting to feel better from a 6+day illness. Here is a time line of Devin's illness (for personal reference- as we are still not quite sure what was wrong).

Monday morning- I notice Devin has mild cold symptoms.

Monday night- Devin has a low grade temperature.

Tuesday- Devin stays home from school (with me) with a low grade fever. Begins with cough. Fever continues through day/night.

Wednesday (no school due to Nor'Easter)- Fever continues but stays low (up to 100.7), cough worsens.

Thursday (no school due to snow)- Low grade temperature and cough/congestion. Visit pediatrician. Doctor says its a virus/cold. Increase asthma meds to inhaler every 4 hours. Call back if temperature raises/symptoms worsen.

Thursday evening- Fever spikes to 102.1 Call doctors office.

Friday- Devin stays home from school with Aunt Courtney and Uncle Brian. No fever in the morning. Very wet cough, tired, pale, fever returns by noon- 101.8. Back to the pediatrician in the afternoon. Doctor agreed that Devin looked much worse than the previous day and did NOT like that his fevers were rising after 4 days of low grade temps. He did have a small pocket of fluid in the right ear but it was not believed to be the cause of rising fevers. His lungs sounded clear, as they did the day before. She prescribed Azithromycin antibiotics, believing there was an infection, but not quite sure where.

Friday night- Devin fever raises to 102.5 during the night.

Saturday- Devin has no fever, some ear ache, still tired and pale. Wet cough continues.

Sunday- Devin finally begins to feel better! He has been fever free for 24 hours! He has enough energy to want to play today. He is still coughing, but not as much. Continues inhaler every 4 hours. Antibiotics must be doing the trick!

*I am a bit freaked out/worried/concerned about not know where this infection was or what kind of infection he had. Devin was so pale and the fevers were relentless. The cough is wet and really takes his breath away. I am glad that the antibiotics are working and thankful that the inhaler has helped to keep Devin's airway open and thus his breathing in check. Its sad to see your child so sick and I'm appreciative to see Devin with some pep in his step and color in his face again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time to Catch Up Tuesday

I thought I would take this opportunity and do a random catch-up post since I am home with a sick kid today.

* This particular sick kid is only on sick day #3 of the whole school year (and one day was an asthma monitoring day). This happens to be (dare I say this out loud) his personal best year EVER health-wise! WOOT!

*As some of you know, my mom had a LARGE tumor mass removed from her ankle on December 27. She is still on her long recovery road. She can't put any weight on her foot and has to sit with it elevated most of the day. The good news is that she hasn't heard any bad news on the lab results of the tumor! She isn't much of a TV watcher and has been reading a lot. (I had to make a Barnes and Noble stock up trip for her last Saturday!) Dad also went out and got them a laptop to help pass the time.

*Devin has really been enjoying his Leapfrog Tag and Explorer that he got for Christmas. This is a relief, since he didn't ask for either one! I especially like this large World Map that we got him to go with the Tag. I've already got put away a spelling game to go with the Tag and a new Explorer Toy Story 3 game (for a total $22!!) for Valentine's Day. Whattadeal!
*Devin loves to play games. He got a few new ones for Christmas like (a version of) Trouble, Hi Ho Cherry'O, Hot Potato, and more. When we went for a play date at Kim, Emma, and Lexie's over Christmas vacation he got to try Don't Break the Ice! What fun!
*Miss Lolly continues to crack us up! Here she is having a blast in the packaging for water. Silly girl!! I think this kept her busy for at least a half an hour!
She definitely thinks she is the princess of the house. 5 pound kitty sitting in the most comfortable chair in the house!
*I'm looking forward to a snow day tomorrow. We are expecting 8 to 14 inches of snow starting around day break tomorrow and lasting throughout the day. This will mean I don't have to use a sick day if Devin is still sick! Once he is feeling better, Devin will enjoy playing in a foot of cold, white fluffy stuff. He's crazy! He loves the snow!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


One of the gifts that Devin received this Christmas was a Discovery Kids Camera. This camera does not take the best quality pictures, but it is tough in that it withstands being dropped by a 4 year old. It is easy to use- Devin can turn it on, shoot the pic, look back at it, decide to keep or delete it all himself. It holds hundreds of photos and also takes video. All in all, its a great little camera! Devin loves it! He has been having a great time photographing all of the people/things in his daily life that he loves most. Here is a sampling of the 185 pictures that he has taken since Christmas.

Random Things
Memmere's Christmas Tree
Bowl of food

Toys on the floor (Slinky and zhu zhu pet)
Basement door Family Members

Aunt CourtneySchool
Some of his favorite friends from school...and their teacher.
3 of his girlfriends
His best little buddyHis coloring work, very important!Classroom shotStay tuned for his favorite subject....