Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Karate Kid

Here are a couple of pictures of Devin in his karate uniform. The first is Devin before class with the jacket and pants. The second one is after class, when Devin had earned his white belt. Since it is summer, they can wear a school t-shirt instead of the jacket.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Karate Kid

Several times this week I sat down to write a new post about this or that and got distracted....So here is, FINALLY, a new entry.

We decided to enroll Devin in a "Little Ninjas" class at a local Kenpo Karate school. I saw the ad for this pre-school program in our town paper. You can see the ad here. I love the focus on listening, attention, control, and respect that the class offers. After speaking with the owner, Erick and I decided to have Devin try it out. He went Thursday for the first of 2 private sessions before he begins regular classes. I thought it was amazing!!

"Yes sir! No sir!" and bowing to enter/leave the floor. The instructor placed a gentle hand on Devin's shoulder to keep his attention and expected him to follow multiple directions. The instructor (with my guidance) also helped Devin to develop a goal to work on to earn his white belt next week. Devin has to work on keeping his hands to himself/not touching others when they don't want/expect it.

The instructor does a lot of stranger danger and bully talk throughout his sessions, and they have fun while learning and achieving goals (such a great life skill- learning to work hard to achieve goals!) with the kids. The next day Erick realized that this studio is the same place that his friend's son goes to and they are VERY happy with it- all great things to say about the school and the owner/instructor. And so, I feel even better about our decision to enroll Devin in karate class.

PS Devin likes it too!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Party-filled Week-end

We had a wonderful, fun, busy, and exhausting week-end. We visited with Grandma and Papa on Friday and had Grandma over our house for a visit on Saturday morning. Emma's 4th birthday party was Saturday afternoon, and then a surprise (kid-free) 30th for my best friend Saturday night. Sunday morning we had swim lessons followed by a birthday party for Devin's friend from school. We were supposed to go to a Going Away BBQ Sunday afternoon, but by the time Devin woke up from his nap we were so tired, had headaches, and were engrossed in some de-cluttering that we skipped it (sorry friends!).

Phew, are you tired from reading about our busy week-end?? All of the events were so fun! It always nice to see friends and family and enjoy some time eating, talking, and laughing.

These pictures are from Devin's classmate's 4th birthday party Sunday. It was nice and small and they had a man there who was incredible with balloons. Here is his website.

Here are Devin and his 2 best buddies from school. The pic is a little fuzzy, but way worth posting!
The boys are all SOOOO in to Buzz Lightyear and Sean made a special Buzz balloon for the birthday boy.
Devin asked for a Monster...How cool is that?!?!
Of course Daddy had to get in on the action too!!
So, I think I need a week-end to recover from my week-end....

Monday, May 10, 2010


Pre-school is hard work.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Mommy Love Devin (and Daddy)

A fabulous sparkly silver Coach large wristlet and this adorable song...

Rough Week-end...Happy Mother's Day

Devin is doing fine from his shots. He had the high fever Friday morning and went to spend the day with Grandma so I didn't have to miss work again (Thanks Mom!). His fever went away with medicine and he had a nice relaxing day. It came back a little bit that evening, but never went above 100*, and was gone by Saturday morning.

Me, on the other hand....I was SO SICK all day Saturday. I woke up with a belly ache. As the morning went on my temperature went up until I was over 101*. It was coming out of both ends and I think the worst part was the aches. I have never suffered such intense belly and body aches before! After I had to literally crawl up the stairs to help Devin with something I called my husband crying and he came home from work. I was so miserable. I woke up today feeling a million times better!!! I sure hope the boys don't get it.

Sunday morning Devin started up his swimming class again (He took one last spring too.). I feel like its a great thing to do just before our pool opens up because we will be spending A LOT of time there. Devin was excited to start swimming again and since I was feeling better, I was able to go with Erick and watch.

Mother's Day has been nice and relaxing. I am still somewhat recovering (tired and a bit of a tummy ache today) so we have just been taking it easy. The boys are out shopping now ;) since they couldn't go yesterday.

I was able to make a quick visit to see my mom this morning and I brought her the massage certificate that I got for her. She truly deserves an hour of relaxation (and infinitely more) as she is the best, most supportive and loving Mother that my brother and I could ever ask for. I Love You Mom!

Friday, May 7, 2010

4 Years Old

Devin had his 4 year check up yesterday. He weighed in at 51.5 pounds and 43.5 inches. (97th and 95th percentiles, respectively). He is our big boy!

Cute though, isn't he?

He had 3 vaccines in 2 shots. He screamed before they were given and tried to break away from us (3 nurses and myself) but we held him down- he is strong!!! After the shots he was fine- like oh that's it? He woke up this morning with a 101* fever though. I think the vaccinations got him.

We also saw a Pediatric Pulminologist yesterday (coincidence that the appointments fell on the same day) who said that Devin's asthma was correctly diagnosed and medicated. Good to know my Pediatrician knows what she is doing! Devin will stay on 1mg of Pulmicort a day with the Xopenex inhaler as needed.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Birthday Party Pics

These pictures are courtesy of my friend Kim. Thanks again Kim! They are in random order but help define the day.

Erick was grilling up food for everyone.

Emma and Devin in the bounce house.

This one cracks me up! My friend Meghan cleaning Devin's face for me. About 1/2 way through opening presents I realized how messy his face was!!

My brother Mark and Devin.
The kids all patiently waiting for their cake and ice cream.
My cousin's daughter, Skya, loving on baby Lexie.

Pierce and Devin...silly boys!
My in laws- Father in law Dennis, Mother in law Maggie, Brother in law Brian, and sister in law Courtney.

My 4 year old....

The Birthday Post

On Saturday, May 1st Devin celebrated his 4th birthday. So far, 4 has been a welcomed breath of fresh air. Devin has been cooperative all week, mostly well-behaved, and has some new found independence in dressing himself every day. I hope this continues!

This year was the first year we had a big party for Devin. We've always celebrated with close family and a couple of friends, but this year we had about 13 kids and 20 or so adults. It was great! We had perfect weather, entertainment (a big bounce house means well behaved children!), good food, and lots of fun! Devin was surprised by the large Toy Story bounce house and that was definitely his favorite part of the day.The cake, made by my sister-in-law Courtney, was the next big hit! It depicts the scene from the original Toy Story where the claw is grabbing Buzz out of the machine and Woody is trying to pull him back in with the aliens in the background. Super fun!

Check out all of our family and friends that showed up to help us celebrate!Devin is a very serious present opener.

Devin, Erick, and I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone for joining us and for all of the wonderful presents.