Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Old friends

This weekend Devin and I were invited to our friends- the Sylvester's- for some fun in the sun. Devin and Emma have been friends since about 20 months old and you can find many posts with Emma and her awesome family here on my blog. Emma has always had a little "thing" for Devin and we love to watch them as they grow. They remain great friends with a little bit more of flirt coming through. At one point they flipped the boat upside down and were "fooling around" under it. I know it was all innocent but it reminded us that we may not have much longer for their actions to stay innocent! 
We'll Definitely keep an eye on them! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Devin, now 8, is completely obsessed with baseball. Redsox games on tv, player/team stats and sports news, baseball movies, baseball documentaries, baseball video games and his most favorite- playing baseball! There's is no shortage of baseball around here and that proves  evident when Devin wakes durning the night asking for his baseball in his sleep so that he can "throw a strike" too funny! 

Devin was able to move up to AA level this spring (his birthday falls the day after the cut off) after a successful try- out. The AA level is when the kids begin pitching the ball with coach assistance after four balls thrown. Little did I know that Devin would really thrive in pitching this year! I could see he had potential in the beginning of the season and I did some asking around until I was able to help Devin with his pitching technique. By the end of the season he didn't even need any coach assistance and was throwing most pitches in the strike zone. 

He did so well, in fact, that he received MANY compliments from coaches. Including an opposing coach chasing down our car to tell us that Devin "was the best pitcher his team faced all season!" What?! We were both so proud with huge smiles plastered on our faces. 

Devin just finished a week of baseball camp. He loved it, even with the 88* with high humidity temps. 

I pledge that I will do everything in my power to help Devin foster this passion and talent. ⚾️

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Roller coasters

It's funny how life has it's ups and downs. I guess we truly never know where life will lead us. 

I spent many hours reading back on my Blog tonight. I am so grateful to have preserved all of these Memories. One thing that stuck out was a post where Devin (age 4 at the time) asked me if I was "married" and would I "always be married?" Without a single hesitation I answered yes. In so many places in my blog it is evident just how much I loved my husband. 

And yet I sit here tonight, reminiscing and  nostalgic, and completely alone. I have no husband to recount these
Memories with. I have no husband to talk about the future, to share the moments yet to come. He broke my heart into a million pieces and left me alone to raise OUR son. The man who was such an admirable father and husband exists no more. He has become a stranger... A villain. 

The time goes on and the days get a little bit easier. Day after day I become more independent. I have learned how to unclog a toilet and that Christmas lights aren't worth fixing. I've learned how to help my son in baseball and how to adjust the a/c vents. 

 I've learned about sacrifice and heart ache and betrayal. I've learned how to pick myself up off the ground.  I've learned how strong of a woman I am. Most importantly, I've learned about ME.