Monday, June 28, 2010

Am I Winning?

Today Devin is (finally) feeling better. His fever has been gone since last evening and he has some more pep in his step. His appetite is still lacking- but he will get there. So, since we are on vacation we decided to head out and do something fun.

First we went Candle Pin Glow-Bowling. It was awesome. I have never been glow bowling before and we were all lighting up. My pictures came out so bizarre. Here are a few...Devin kept asking, "Am I winning?"

yes! High Five! Errr, maybe???
After the fun with bowling we decided to do lunner (lunch/dinner) at The Rain Forest Cafe. We thought the 1/2 hour drive would be worth the entertaining animal experience. Well, this was Devin's reaction.
The *entire* time we were there.
He even had to sit on my lap. I guess this wasn't our best choice of things to do with Devin. Personally, I like rain forest animals and simulated thunderstorms. Oh well.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Karate Belt Promotion

Devin is sick. He has a fever, headache, sore/swollen throat. Somehow, we managed to make it to his Belt Promotion at karate today (his first one!). Well, not just somehow but Devin woke up with no fever this morning and was in good spirits/excited for karate. We went to the ceremony and all went well- despite some heavy yawning and seemingly "slow motion." About an hour or 2 after we got home his fever spiked again. Ugh!

Here are some pictures of today's event (the belt promotion)
Getting his new belt (white with yellow stripe- all Little Ninjas go through the white belt with all colors for the program) from Mr. N.
New belt!
Group photo!
Uncle Mark came to watch too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Here are Devin and Lexi today. They played for over an hour without fighting, and only told on each other once! This was a much-welcomed break to Erick and I. When Devin and Erick walked Lexi back home, Devin even told her Grammy to "give Lexi some cold water cause she is a little bit sick." (Lexi has asthma too, but hers is the cough variant asthma.) Devin sure loves and protects this girl!

And what's up with Devin's smirk? We are in trouble! haha

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Devin-isms 4.0

*Daddy if you're a good boy at work today, maybe we can play Wii tonight.

*(After waking from a sound slumber Devin called me into his room) Mommy, can you put my lucky penny in the piggy bank? (Rolls over and goes back to sleep)

*(After finding a large ant in the house) Daddy we can put a "NO ANTS ALLOWED" sign on the front door so the ants don't come in anymore.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

What a wonderful week-end!

There was LOTS of swimming this week-end! Devin went in our pool Friday afternoon, Abuela and Grandpa's pool all afternoon Saturday, and swim lessons on Sunday morning.

It was Devin's final swim lesson Sunday morning and he received a nice progress report from the instructor. The summary of it is that Devin has mastered all but 2 of the skills for his level. The two that Devin has not mastered he was close- 10/15 feet on reach and pull front with bubbles and 3/5 feet on front swim with bubbles. He also received a comment to "pay more attention." Surprised? We're not! Haha! He just loves to goof around when he isn't in the action. He's still young...

We are very proud of Devin's swimming ability! He has really been confident in the pool so far this summer. He is jumping in by himself, swimming around the entire pool unassisted, and wanting to practice without life jacket/floats.

There was lots of food this week-end too. A bbq, Father's Day brunch, movie outing, and cake. Erick requested an Italian Wedding Cake (Sandra Lee recipe) for Father's Day and we have been enjoying it all week-end. So sweet and delicious!

Sunday afternoon we went to see Toy Story 3. Dads were getting in free at Chunky's (with free popcorm to boot!) and Devin is still free there so it only cost us $5.75 in admission! Score! Devin has been waiting to see this movie since he first found out there would be a third. He has been so excited, and honestly so have Erick and I. Its contagious. When your child is so "into" something, you can't help but be excited with him! The movie didn't disappoint either.

We ended the week-end with a little Wii time. After an hour of Wii basketball, table tennis, and sword play it was time for bed...but not before we took a visit to "Melt Down City!" Poor Devin was overtired. He will sleep well tonight!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Phone Photo Friday

Beach Day at School

Devin's class~ sunbathing indoors (Devin is on the whale towel)
Devin and Miss Emily

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wild and Wonderful

A couple of weeks ago I was agonizing over the attitude and behaviors I was seeing from Devin (remember my blog posts??). One of the things I did about this was talk to my good friend, Kristen. Kristen is a top-notch Pre-school teacher and has owned her own Pre-school/Learning Center for 15 years (I also worked there for 5 years, so I may be a bit biased). Kristen reminded me that Devin's behaviors are quite normal for a 4 year old boy.

She also recommended that I read the book "Your Four Year Old: Wild and Wonderful" Since this book was published in 1976 (!!!) I was able to find a copy in this HUGE Used Bookstore I went to today. I only paid $1.99 for it (and I bought "Your Five Year Old" since they had that one too!). I started reading the book today and I LOVE IT!! The information/guideline/examples of behaviors is great (and accurate!). If anything, it has helped to reassure me that I am not the only one going through these issues with my 4 year old, and in fact the behaviors are quite normal.

I highly recommend this series of books written by Louise Bates Ames, Ph.D. and Fraces Ilg from the Gesell Institute of Human Development to anyone wondering about the behavioral development that goes along with their child's age.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday~ Game time with Memmere

And this one of Memmere, just because I love it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pre-School Celebration

Devin's class (minus 2 kids) singing "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee...."

A rose for all the Mommies!

4 Generations!! My grandmother, My Mother, Me, and Devin!

Devin and his Godmother, Erin (aka Aiyah)

Devin and the beloved Miss Emily! We will definitely miss being in Miss Emily's class. We have had a great year with her and think she's awesome!

And off to the 4/5 year old class he goes!

Karate/Behavior Update

We have had some really nice days with Devin since Tuesday. Each day getting progressively better. By the time we got to Karate on Friday, Devin couldn't wait to see Mr. N.

"I've been a good boy!" he happily told Mr. N.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Emotions on My Sleeve

I must have had the "PLEASE HELP ME" look on my face today!

Devin and I were the first to arrive to karate class today. As we entered, the owner (Mr. N.) was standing by the door and asked how Devin was doing. "Has Devin been listening at home Mom?" he said, as if I had called him up ahead of time and prepped him for this conversation.

When I said that Devin had not be listening/respectful he asked Devin what was going on. Devin, of course, did not want to answer him. Mr. N. asked us into his office and Devin tried to hide behind me. I did not let him, and neither did Mr. N. A nice conversation followed. Mr. N. spoke to Devin about respect and listening. The same things that I say, but now it was coming from someone who is not Mommy or Daddy.

Mr. N. also has the power to withhold belt promotion. Devin is due to test for a yellow stripe belt for promotion at the end of June. Behavior and respect are just as much a part of this as karate skill.

I knew I would like this karate thing!

Monday, June 7, 2010

It's True What They Say

Terrible Twos
Trying Threes
Effin Fours

Just sayin'.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I was looking up the word "four" and came across this interesting definition:

The phrase "four-letter word" is used to describe most swear words in the English language, as most swear words do indeed possess four letters.

I think that this definition is most appropriate for the age of four. Not that my 4 year old swears, but he sure makes me want to!! I love the age of 4 for so many reasons: ability to reason, understand, and negotiate, can play games like Yahtzee Jr, Chutes and Ladders, etc and be a part of something larger (karate/swim class/pre-school) while asserting his independence and skills. Devin is learning more and more everyday!

The independence also makes me want to scream sometimes! Devin wants to do everything himself, no matter what. Unless he doesn't feel like it. Then he wants Mommy to do it (get him dressed, put on his shoes). He tests and tests- particularly with his mouth. We have heard so much back-talk and "freshness" lately. Such an attitude that I think a teenager lives in our house. Devin tends to think he is the boss!!

Is this normal 4 year old behavior? I have no idea. I tend to think it is...others have told me similar stories about their children. But I do know one thing, the buck stops here Pal! We are not letting Devin get away with any of it. It will only get worse if we don't do something now. Yikes!

Time out here comes Devin!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brave Enough

Devin just became brave enough to jump in the pool. He is even putting his face into/under water now! Boy, how much they grow in a year's time!