Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Race Car Driver Devin

Despite a nasty virus that has (temporarily) taken over Devin's asthma, we managed to get out for Trick or Treating today. Dressed up in warm layers we braved the cold temps to check out the costumes, decorated houses, and of course collect some candy!

Here he is with Grandma and Papa!
Being a little silly!
Checking out the flashlight.
Family Photo at Miss Kristen's :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

We have been very busy lately! I'm not even sure where all of our time has gone....its just been busy! Appointments, karate, sports class, birthday parties, broken car (bought a new one- LOVE it!), and kindergarten searching have consumed our time lately.

I know its sounds early for kindergarten research as it doesn't start until next fall, but registrations start in January!!! That's only 2.5 months away! Eeek! So far I have visited 2 options.

Option #1 Our local public kinder, where my former colleague is the assistant principal. They have 2 lovely classrooms with small class sizes (average of 10 kids per class), a teacher and para in each class, but the sessions are only 2.5 hours a day. This does not fit with my work schedule at all. I work 5 hours a day, not including meetings, travel time, etc. For this option I would need to pay someone to babysit/daycare.

Option #2 I have also been researching many private options. I went to visit a non-profit Christian school. It only goes up through Kindergarten, but its program seems wonderful! They offer a full day 9 to 2 program with extended day (before and/or after) pay-as-needed-option. They have 2 kinder classes and more students per class (about 15) but also have 1 teacher/1 para. They provide lunch and snacks included in tuition price. This school also uses the Language Arts and Math programs that his above mentioned public school uses (and that is definitely where he will be going in first grade!) There is also the added bonus of the Christian values and lessons in this school without the strict Catholic school atmosphere.

Results: I think OPTION #2 will ultimately win out because we would rather pay tuition to have Devin in an all-day Kindergarten program than to pay someone to babysit him to have him in a 2.5 hour program. The school in Option #2 also came highly recommended by colleagues and friends.

Stacey brings up an interesting point in her comment for Option #3, that we did consider. I live and work in different districts and would have to pay to have him attend my school district. I would have to apply to get him into one of our inner city full day kindergarten programs, preferably the one that I work in. I also think that comes with its own set of issues. At this stage I think its would be easier to have Devin at "his own school" 5 minutes away.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Sleepover

Devin was invited for his first (non-Grandma) sleepover at our good friends, The Beaulieu's. Pierce, 6, and Devin have been close since Devin was born. Here is what Devin had to say about his sleepover.

"I slept upstairs on the rug and Pierce was in his bed and I was in my sleeping bag. I was facing Pierce. I got to put my head forward facing Pierce and we were talking and got to do ghost stories and talking in the middle of the night. I stayed up really late and I got to play up really early and I got to watch a show really early. We played Topper and we colored Transformers. We had pancakes for breakfast. I watched George the Movie.

My sleepover was good. Can I do it again?

That is it."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apple Fest

Our friends, The Beaulieu's, invited us to the Apple Fest (a Salvation Army fundraiser) at the Sullivan Farm in Nashua. We had a great time while helping a worthy cause. Here are the boys, Pierce and Devin, posing for a picture at the entrance.A family picture in scarecrow area...of course Devin wasn't looking!!
Piling on the scarecrow
Devin FINALLY got to ride a horse! He has been asking for a while. He had a smile PLASTERED on his face the entire time!!
There were a bunch of emergency vehicles available for the kids to check out. Everyone who knows Devin knows how much he has always loved firetrucks. Naturally he had to sit in driver's seat and check it out.
The kids also bounced in a bounce house/slide, played a ton of games, ate hot dogs, won prizes, and all out had a blast!

Here are the boys back at the Beaulieu's house. How do you like the heads they picked out for their scarecrows?
These two boys have known each other since Devin was in the womb. Pierce held him when Devin was 2 days old (Pierce is 1.5 years older). They've really grown to be good buddies. In fact, tonight they are having their first sleepover. Its also Devin's first non-Grandma sleep-out. More to come on that!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kick Pad Karate

Devin and Erick took a Kick Pad Karate Class together on Saturday afternoon. It was a great opportunity for them to learn some techniques, practice together, and have fun. I had a great time watching and taking pictures.
In these two pictures Erick was standing on the pads while Devin tried to knock him off (practicing balance).
The video shows Erick and Devin both practicing their balance in a fun way.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pirate Pumpkin

I found this "pumpkin head" kit at Target and knew Devin would love it.
He does.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Orange Belt

After a renewed liking for karate (Devin attended Parents Night Out at the Dojo a couple week-ends ago and loves karate again!) Devin earned his orange belt in Little Ninjas. Here are a few pictures of the occasion.

Practicing at home before we left.

Devin is up! Right punch, Left punch!
I caught this picture when he was waiting his turn for one of the exercises. This truly shows his personality! The little girl next to him started karate at the same time and they always promote together...cutie!

Waiting for Mr. N to call his name to get his new belt.
Past, Present, and Future...part of the belt ceremony.
Devin is so serious about his new orange belt!
Group picture!