Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a fantastic Christmas! It was just as exciting as I imagined it would be and it was filled with lots of family time, good food, and laughs.

Devin favorite gifts were definitely Buzz and Woody (if you haven't checked out the video below- please do!) These were the two gifts that Devin asked Santa for here and every opportunity he had. Needless to say has been thrilled with these plastic talking figures!!

A close second, though, have been his Imaginext toys. He received the Imaginext Firehouse from us and the Imaginext Helicopter from my parents. Devin has had so much fun playing with these toys and their accessories the past two days. And, I have to add, they are pretty darn cool. Each of them have neat little tricks and contraptions that we keep learning about. These toys keep him entertained for hours!
I am going to back up now. On Christmas Eve we continued our yearly tradition of going to my grandmother's house. All of my cousins and aunts on my mother's side also go and its a nice for all of us to get together.
Devin and Nadya (4)
Isaiah (9)
Qyonna (11) and Me
Skya (2) and Alicia

On Christmas Day we did our Christmas thing here and then went to my parents house.
Devin and Grandma (this was actually Christmas Eve during the day)
Papa, Devin, and Micki
Devin and Marie
Family Photo~ plus Woody of course!

We also had Erick's family over on Christmas night, but Erick did not take many pictures (I was busy serving food, cleaning, etc). There is one picture of Devin playing the guitar that Tia Tonia got for him....Oh boy, we're in trouble!!!

I also made sure to take the time to teach Devin about the meaning of Christmas. I taught him about it being Jesus' birthday and the spirit of giving and celebration. I tried to teach him not to be greedy and act spoiled over presents. We may not be good about going to Church, but we still hold the meaning of Christmas and of God in our hearts.

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did. Love to all.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Favorite Christmas Moment

Here is a taste of my favorite Christmas moment. I will be back with more later.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Funny Boy

~ The other night I was relaxing with some "Me Time" at my hair appointment. While I was waiting for my hair to process I was texting my husband to get some details on something. He was not being very forthcoming (Men can be so vague sometimes!) so I kept texting him for more information. Later on that evening when I got home Devin asked me, "Are you bored Mommy?" Umm no Devin, I just got home. So Devin says, "When you were gone Daddy's phone was going beep beep beep and he said- What is she bored?"

BUSTED! Devin is ALWAYS "ratting" Erick out (as Erick would say)!!!

~ Last night Erick and I were talking about someone -not-so-kindly (no one you know!) and Erick said, "Yeah she's a B-I-T-C-H, huh?" Right behind him Devin says, "Who's a B-I-T-C-H?"

Guess we can't even spell out the swears anymore!?!?!?! LOL

Oh out of the mouths of kids!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost There

2 more sleeps til Santa comes and we are ALL so excited!!!! Erick and I just can't wait to see Devin's face on Christmas morning. The excitement is contagious. The magic and twinkle are inexplicable! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow Devin is having a Pajama Polar Express Christmas Party at his school. The kiddos are all wearing their pj's and will be watching the Polar Express. We are bringing in Egg Nog for the kids to enjoy with their other goodies. Elf on the Shelf is going to bring Devin a new pair of Buzz Lightyear pajamas tomorrow morning for his special day!

I am also looking forward to Christmas vacation! 1 more work day! Eeeeeee!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sugar Cookies

Since I was feeling a bit better after my root canal this afternoon, Erick and I decided to make sugar cookies with Devin (ha, that's kind of ironic now that I think about it!). It was an interesting occasion and one too many times Devin dumped almost all of the peppermint sprinkles and then the chocolate sprinkles on the cookie sheet. Ooops! We had fun though and they managed to come out pretty nice. We are bringing a plate of cookies in for Devin's teachers tomorrow. (Erick made the batch of brownies for his work.)

(*Devin is spelling out NOEL in this picture.)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Ramblings

Things around here have been a little bit busy and crazy so I thought I would fill you in with a random ramblings post.

*Devin has an Elf on the Shelf that he received last year (I believe?) from Grandma. This is the first year, though, that we've really gotten into it! Frain, as Devin named his Elf, reports to Santa every night about Devin's day/behavior. He leaves once everyone is asleep and returns before we awaken~ he is magic you know. Having the Elf in our house this Christmas season has been lots of fun! Every morning Devin runs downstairs to see where Frain has "landed." Sometimes Frain has landed in his trucks, in the water compartment of the fridge, the handle to his toy bins, on the Christmas tree, under the kitchen table, next to the telephone, and other crazy places! On one particular day, though, Frain returned with a letter from Santa. It was a reminder letter to Devin letting him know that he knew that Devin forgot to be a good listener and that he knows that Devin can be a good boy, and that Mommy and Daddy and Santa were all expecting him to be a good boy. You know what? He behaved much better! Was it the letter from Santa? Who knows but it sure is fun!

*This week I am supposed to be in Boston again finishing up the last 3 days of my Reading Intervention training (which continues from October). Notice I said supposed? Well...I went for one day and was so miserable. I was either in extreme pain (and couldn't pay attention) or I was drugged out from the pain meds (and couldn't pay attention). Clearly I didn't get much out of this one day. It all started on Friday night....I noticed that underneath my bridge (lower left molars) was hurting a little so I brushed, flossed, rinsed really well a few times hoping to get rid of whatever irritant was bothering me. Saturday I was out shopping with my mother and grandmother and I was barely talking. The pain was really kicking in. We stopped to get me some Orajel. By Sunday I was taking out the old pain meds from last years wisdom teeth surgery. Monday morning by the time I got to the dentist I had cried several times and thought I might like to shoot my face off. My dentist started me on antibiotics and informed me that I needed a root canal. I decided I would be a hero and wait until after my training for the root canal now that I had the antibiotics and pain meds. Well, you heard how that went above. Now I go tomorrow for the root canal and back to finish my training in March. I just hope its all a distant memory by Christmas Eve!

*I am getting really excited for Christmas Eve and Christmas! I can't believe its in a week. Yay! I still have a couple of things I need to pick up, mostly gift certificates. I've got lots of wrapping to do....maybe that's what I will do now since Devin is at school and I am feeling half way decent for the moment!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~ 1st Snow Day of the School Year!

Conversation between Daddy and Devin

Devin has had this thing with biting his lower lip for a while now. I am not sure if its a nervous thing or just a habit and I don't know what to do about it or how to make him stop. I tell him not to do it and I have him put chapstick on it, but it still looks horrible with little sores/bite marks on it.

Well, I over heard this conversation last night:

Erick: Devin, you have to stop biting your lip.

Devin: No Daddy.

Erick: Its looks ugly. You want your lips to look pretty, so the girls will check them out.

Devin: Oookaaay, Daddy.

Maybe that will help? Maybe I was just approaching it the wrong way this whole time?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Although Devin was being a "turkey" for a Thanksgiving Eve photo shoot, we managed to get a few good pictures out of the bunch. A lot of the pictures taken managed to have Devin over-smiling, head tilting back, nose scrunched up and just looking plain evil. Maybe that would have been appropriate? Nah, most of the time he's good! :)

Happy Family Photo

Precious Devin and Santa Photo
Devin refused to sit on Santa's lap. Can't say that I blame him. Santa was gracious enough to kneel down beside him and I love how that created this pose. Devin was eagerly telling Santa about all of the "Toy Story" toys he wants for Christmas!

I was glad, though, that we were not waiting in line in the middle of the mall trying to coerce Devin to sit on Santa's lap while all of the other kids and parents watched on, feeling pressured to hurry up and force him on Santa's lap or forgo our turn after waiting in line for 45 minutes! Thank God the picture studio had their own Santa! (Just saying....)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thought I'd add...

a couple of MY pictures! Let's begin at my parent's house. Here is the gigantic was delicious!
My dad, carving the turkey.
Mom, busy making the squash...mmmmmm!
My 76 year old Memmere and Devin. This came out so precious.
Now let's head over to Erick's Tia Tonia's house. Here is a nice photo of Uncle Brian and Devin.
Abuela, Grandpa, Uncle Brian, Aunt Courtney, and Devin all got together for a rare group shot. Came out great too!
By 7 pm the little ones were all snug as a bug in a rug watching tv....
We had an awesome Thanksgiving and were able to see both sides of our family. For that we are thankful. We are also thankful for our good health, love, support of one another, our home, jobs, and family and friends. <3

Thanksgiving Day through Devin's Lens

Papa carving the turkey.

Daddy testing out the turkey.
Tia Tonia's house. Devin caught Aunt Courtney in eating action.
Daddy and Mommy ('s 14 chins!)
Grandpa with his eyes closed.
There's Loca Tia ToniaYep. All in all I'd have to say Devin is proficient at taking pictures at the most inopportune time/angle. HA!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Good thing I held back that 2%.

The ENT said the ears are clear. (I was in complete shock!) We go back in 6 weeks to check on the tube that's falling out of Devin's right ear. He agreed with me that it came out so quickly because of his rapid growth.

What's causing Devin's obnoxious behavior the past couple of days, you ask? Just being a typical 3 year old boy. That's what my Mom said anyway.

Shh, don't tell!!!

Recently, Devin and I started listening to Christmas music in the car. I know its a little early, but I might be just as excited as he is for the upcoming holidays. Its something about experiencing the holidays through the eyes of a child that is exhilarating.

Anyway, after "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" we proceeded to have a conversation around this topic. I reminded him that he needed to be a good boy all the time or Santa wouldn't bring him any presents- I mean! (He has been having a couple of particularly challenging days and I am 98% sure its another ear infection- we'll know later today.)

He told me, "Don't tell Santa, okay Momma?"

This darn kid is too smart for his own good!

Oh and Santa, if you are reading this, Devin REALLY wants a "toy" Buzz Lightyear and Woody for Christmas. Not the real ones, the toys. (LOL)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Academic Progress

Devin's academic progress has really been impressing us lately! He has taken a liking to letters and sounds and is really catching on quickly. Just tonight during his bath as he was playing with his foam letters I was asking him loads of questions.

Mom: Devin what sound does 'bear' begin with?

Devin: B like Boden! (*we did several more beginning sound examples at this time)

Mom: And what does 'duck' begin with?

Devin: dddd D like Devin!

Mom: Very good! How do you spell Devin? What comes first?

Devin: D

Mom: Yup. And then what?

Devin: e-v-i-n.

Mom: Great job Devin! Now how do you spell 'bus' ?

Devin: Bbbbuuuussss. B-u-s. Bus.

Mom: Yes! Okay and how do you spell 'Hi' ?

Devin: Hi. H-i. Hi. *Devin can also write Hi (his first written word).

Erick and I are so proud of our boy, whose brain is like a little sponge just absorbing everything around him! I write this, though, not to brag, but to preserve these memories and milestones.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Taking Measurements

During "I" week at school Devin and his class made Inchworm Rulers. I had read on the activity board that they used their rulers to "measure" things around the classroom, so I was not at all surprised when Devin came home and began to measure things around the house with his new ruler.

The surprise came when I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes and Devin came up behind me and said, "I am going to measure your butt, Mommy. 8, 9, 10, 11. Wow! That's big!"

Umm...thanks? At least my big butt is good for measuring...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy Week-end

Friday night we did a test run of the pie we are going to make for Thanksgiving...Maple Walnut Pie ~ YUM! It was a big hit around here!

On Saturday it was pouring "cats and dogs" all day from the remnants of storm Ida. It was a Nor'Easter, thankfully not cold enough for snow yet! Devin and I stayed home in the morning doing housework and watching morning cartoons. In the afternoon we went to a birthday party and then to my parents' house. Devin spent the night there so that Erick and could have a "date night."

On Sunday after we picked up Devin we stopped by Erin and Shaun's house for a visit. Devin ran around like crazy playing with Maggie the dog and and then went to see Erick's parents and brother.

When we got there we realized something:
Ha! They were triplets! Here they are acting like silly tough guys. Its slightly blurry but I love this picture and had to show it anyway!
We stayed there for an early dinner before coming home to get ready for another week. I can't believe its almost Monday already!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Devin's New Hobby

Lately my little boy, excuse me, my BIG boy has been enjoying some computer time. He loves to use the Disney website, particularly Agent Oso. The Disney website is great for pre-schoolers because it is so easy to navigate. Devin can go from one activity to another as well as one character/show to another with little trouble. Sometimes he will take a little break and watch an episode online. It's amazing that children are learning to be so technically savvy at such a young age. I guess in this day and age they need to be!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back to Square One

Remember in February when Devin had surgery to have ear tubes put in to ease all of his ear infections? Well, apparently his right tube has already fallen out of place! I blame it on his rapid pace of growth. The pediatrician told me that it is not unheard of for the tube(s) to come out this soon, but I really hoped/expected them to last through one full winter (they typically last about a year or more).

Ugh, so anyway, we are right back at square one already...with an EAR INFECTION!

Devin started with a nasty, mucus sounding cough on Saturday and it has just been sitting there with him all week. We have been attached to the Nebulizer, doing treatments 2-3 times a day. Last night he woke up with a high fever and vomiting. We were up half the night. Poor Devin was so sick! First thing this morning we were off to the doctor. I was not surprised when she said he had an ear infection. I was relieved when she said his chest sounded clear and I was surprised when his Pulse Ox was only 95 with all of the Neb meds we have been doing!

Hopefully Devin will get better quickly now that he is on antibiotics!

Say What?!?

Last week we went out to dinner at T-Bones. When Devin finished he said to Erick and I, "I'm all done. I'm gonna go wait outside."

Ummm...WHAT???? No, I don't think so! You are not 15, despite whatever you think!!! LOL

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reunion from the Good Old Days

Miss Kristen, Miss Jamie, and Miss Karla

Last week I was able to visit with some friends/old co-workers. The 3 of us used to work at Kristen's pre-school ~Child Guidance (well, Kristen is still there since she owns it!). I have moved on teaching in the public elementary school and Jamie now lives in San Diego, but was in town for a visit with her family and friends.

Kristen arranged for some of our old students to come and visit too. They are now teens through early twenties- we had them in their pre-school and single digit years!!! Wow have they grown up!

It was so nice to see everyone, reminisce, and chat about the "Good Old Days" for a little bit!

Devin also made a new buddy in the youngest sibling of a family that I had all 3 of the older siblings and babysat for about 8 years! Here are Devin and Ryan having a blast!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat (part 2)

Last night was Halloween night! We had a good time. The weather was surprisingly mild for the last day of October! We lit our jack-o-lantern, put out some candy for the few trick-or-treaters we get in our development and headed out with Lexi, her Grammy, and her Auntie.

I couldn't get these 2 to pose for me! Devin the skunk and Lexi, Alice in Wonderland

Getting some treats!
It didn't take us long to visit the neighbors in our small development, so when we were done we drove over to surprise my friend Nancy from work for a quick visit. Even the drive over to Nancy's house was fun because we passed by several haunted yards- we rolled down our windows and went really slow to enjoy! Devin got a little spooked by this!

By 8:00pm the skunk was pooped out, so we came home and he quickly went to sleep in his "den." HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trick or Treat (part 1)

Sunday afternoon was Trick or Treat in my parent's city (where I grew up!). They always have it the Sunday before Halloween. I actually like it that way. Its a lot safer for the kids and the weather is almost always gorgeous (you never know what the weather will be like in late October in New England).

Here are some pictures of my skunk! (The monkey is my parent's neighbor.)

Picking out some yummy treats!
Here is his stinky backside! (LOL) Devin has the perfect personality for this costume. You KNOW he was getting lots of comments, "Pee-you!" and "Don't spray me!" and so on as we went about the neighborhood. Devin just laughed them off or made a silly face!

Yes, we will still go Trick or Treating around our development on Halloween night. He is excited to go at night time too.

He's my "Lil Stinker" as it says on the bum!