Wednesday, September 30, 2009

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Devin was going cross eyed for this whoopie pie! YUM!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Party Fun

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for our good friend's son. Pierce turned 5 years old. The kids had a ton of fun at his "Scooby Doo" themed birthday party.

There was a bounce house (what a great way to keep a bunch of 3 to 7 year olds occupied...and expend some of their energy)

There was a pinata.
Heather and her mom made a fantastic Mystery Machine cake.

When we got home, several hours later, Devin said, "Mommy I had SO MUCH FUN at Pierce's birthday party!" Now that's what I call a successful party!

Here are Erick and Devin having a little fun in the bounce house.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Day Late

Funny Photo Friday on Saturday...
Devin and Aunt Courtney with frosting faces!
This picture is from the Baptism we went 2 weeks ago.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Super Fun Busy Week-end

Friday night Devin stayed with Grandma and Papa so that Erick and I could go on a date. We kept it low key, running errands and going to Chunky's to see Love Happens. It was a sweet girly movie, and lucky for me my hubby is so good about watching those! Devin, of course had fun spending the night at Grandma's!

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment and afterward I met up with Devin and my Mom. We went to see my Dad and his band play at the Auburn Duck Race. It was a lot of fun to watch them play, especially since Devin has never seen the whole band in action, just my Dad playing his bass at home. Devin was really grooving to the music!

There was a big (plastic) duck race, clowns making balloons for the kids, face painting, food, and more!
On Sunday Erick, Devin, and I went apple picking. The apples are great and its nice and early in the season so they aren't picked over yet. We found lots and quick!

After that we went to visit Abuela, Grandpa, Uncle Brian and Aunt Courtney. We brought them some of our freshly picked apples. We had a lot of fun visiting and the 3 of us had a new experience~ the Wii! We tried a few of Brian's games. Devin really liked the Mario Cart and the baseball game. We laughed a lot!

You know I made Apple Crisp on Sunday evening.....YUM!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Say What?!?

Over the week-end we attended a baptism for Erick's cousin's sweet baby girl, Aliana. When we arrived to the party Erick's cousin Michael was standing out front, all dressed up. He is darker skinned (Dominican), clean cut, and thin build. He was wearing black/navy dress pants and a white dress shirt. Devin, being the astute boy that he is, noticed Michael right away once we pulled up and said, "Is that Obama?"

Erick and I happened to think that was possibly the most humorous thing we had heard all week-end! Everyone was calling Michael "Obama" for the rest of the day. I wish we had gotten that on video!


On Friday Devin got the "regular" flu shot. Well, the way that he cried you might have thought someone was torturing him. He is usually pretty good with his shots and honestly, hasn't cried for the last several rounds of shots. Not this time! When he heard that my mother was also getting a flu shot he told her, "Grandma, you're gonna CRY when you get your flu shot!"


Big Announcement!!!

One of Devin's little school friends is Gabby. Yesterday I heard all about how "beautiful" Gabby is and how "beautiful" her dress was that she was wearing yesterday. Yes, he also told her, and several other girls how beautiful they were. Oye! Gabby's mother works at Devin's school and this morning Devin asked her mother, Miss "D", "Is it alright if I marry Gabby?"

Hahaha! Miss D was so impressed with his manners that she said she would love for Gabby to marry a polite boy like him.

Am I in trouble or what?!?!?!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pre-School Update

Devin is loving, LOVING his new class/teachers! He looks forward to going to school every day and asks with great enthusiasm and excitement every morning if it is a school day. They have been doing lots of hands-on activities including an apple tasting, making artichoke dip, and making play dough. They are working on the letter A, the color red, the circle shape, and one-to-one correlation with numbers 1 through 5. They've also been busy playing, reading stories, and singing songs. As you can see, Devin has many reasons to love school.

Devin also tells us, "I'm learning to read!"

As Devin's mother and a teacher I am so excited about Devin's enthusiasm for learning and school!

Funny Photo Friday

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun with flickr/picnik

Some of my blog friends have been using/playing around with flickr and picnik for their photo editing needs so I thought I would give it a try. WOW! It sure does emphasize the colors of a photo!

Take a look at this picture of Devin that I showed you last week:

Here it is again, this time edited with picnik:

What do you think???? Pretty amazing, huh?

Here is another one. I took this picture of Devin's brownie hand prints early in the summer. Remember this?

Here it is again, after being edited with picnik:

Brownie Prints

See the difference? The blue in his shirt is brighter, his face is more vibrant, even the chocolate looks yummier (haha)!

*Sorry for the varied sizes in pictures!

Holiday Week-end

...began and ended with the sickies. Devin started with a cold on Thursday and got progressively worse pretty quickly. He (and I) got hardly any sleep Thursday night because he was up every hour or two coughing and uncomfortable. Friday we were home anyway, since there was no school (4 day week-end in our district!) so we took it easy all day. By Saturday Devin was feeling much better.

*Insert the only day we did anything this week-end!*

Since Erick was working on Saturday, Devin and I headed over to my parents' house for a visit. We had a good time, as usual, but the highlight of the day was definitely watching Mark, Devin, and my Dad wash the cars. Although, I'm not sure what was washed more~ Devin or the cars??
There was even a circus act!
Oh, the cars *DID* get washed!As my Mom and I watched all this from the front door, we were laughing pretty hard. Especially when Devin asked the mailman if he wanted to bring his truck over to be washed! (The mailman knows Erick, and when they got back to the office he told Erick the story and how cute and funny his little blond son is!)

Saturday when Erick got home, he wasn't feeling too well but we had received a call that his parents would be stopping by for a visit. WELL, they surprised us by bringing Erick's brother and his wife! It was a great surprise since we hadn't seen them in almost a year. Devin had been asking about them a lot lately and I think he was starting to lose his memory of them. It was a wonderful visit! I wish I had taken some pictures!

*End of the only fun day.*

Sunday when Erick woke up he felt like he his head was going to explode. Yep, he was definitely sick! He spent the majority of the day sleeping while I entertained Devin. Monday Erick was feeling considerably better so he let me sleep in. We all took it easy and hung around the house. We played outside a little, inside a lot, and watched some T.V.

Now back to work......