Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st Day of Elementary School

Despite Devin's hesitancy and nervousness he had a great first day of first grade!! To quote Devin as he came off the bus with a huge smile, he said "It was great! I made a lot of friends and didn't even get in trouble!"  I am so proud of Devin and happy for him. I know that not knowing the other kids or what to expect at a new school was nerve-wrecking for him (subsequently making it nerve-wrecking for Mama!) Devin likes his teacher, Mrs. Marques, and feels comfort in knowing that she "won't make him do anything he doesn't know how to do" though I think Devin won't find that an issue. ;) He does wish his classroom space was bigger, but there is not much anyone can do about that!

Nadya also enjoyed her first day of second grade and talked a lot about the "work" and the shelter in place drill that they had. She has several friends in her class again this year and found great comfort in that. I know she will do well with Mrs. Martin.

 Bus Stop
 Here he goes! Off to first grade!
I hope that both of these kiddos have a wonderful school year- full of learning, friendships, and pride.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

End of Summer

Labor Day signifies the end of summer. The nights get cool, most days are still warm. School buses navigate the neighborhoods and kids are excited at the prospect of a new school year beginning. Here are a couple of end of summer pictures and an interview with the kids.

You may notice that Devin is nervous about beginning first grade~ new school, new teachers, new friends and a bus ride are a few of his worries... He plays it off by trying to be "funny boy"  I think I'm in for it....

Hmmm....not working....will get the video up if I can.