Sunday, November 28, 2010

Settling In

Lolly has adjusted to our house and family quite well. She has spent a lot of time in the evenings getting comfy and cuddling with myself and Erick.

The mornings and afternoons, though, are for playing with Devin. Those two can play for over an hour! Its a riot to see them play with her little toy mice and run around.

We decorated the house for Christmas this week-end too, and so we've been teaching Lolly not to touch the Christmas tree. She really dislikes the noise from the Dust buster so that makes a good deterrent for her. She touches the tree, then the Dust buster gets turned on and she runs. Its working because she has been leaving the tree and decorations alone! She seems to be a really good girl! Lolly sleeps all night too.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meet Lolly

Lolly is the newest member of our family. She is a 12 week old short haired sweetheart. Devin has been asking for a cat or dog for a while. We automatically had to rule out a dog since they are not allowed in our complex, but also had ruled out a cat since Erick is "not a cat person" and I have developed some dog/cat allergies since having Devin. Well, the idea began to grow on me after a few days and I began to consider it. Mr. I Don't Like Cats looked at the Humane Society website this morning and found this little kitten named Lolly which he immediately liked. He printed out the paper and suggested that we go see her. Needless to say, we didn't walk out empty handed. And after a trip to Pet Smart, we came home with a very hyper 4 year old and a mellow, cuddly kitten. Mr. I'm Not a Cat Person has been converted! He melted when she was in his arms!!

Here are some more (not as good) pictures of Miss Lolly on her ridiculously large play structure. I have no idea where we will house this thing! At least we know she likes it, she has been hanging out on it, even sleeping here. Oh and notice I took full opportunity of her being a girl and put some pink on her right away! She has a pink collar on (even though she is a house cat only) because it has a little bell on it and I am afraid she will hide somewhere or something! This way we will hear her.
Devin said this is my sister. I am her brother!
Wish us luck. This is our first family pet. (says the person who said she would never have a pet!) Oh and I guess we will see how bad these cat allergies are. I am hoping that it will be ok, since she is short haired. Cross your fingers!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Purple Belt

This morning Devin received his purple belt in Little Ninja's at karate. After he completes his purple belt he will be moving up to the second half of the Little Ninja's program, which will include a new time and day for his class. For now, though, Devin needs to remember that he is one of the leaders of his class. He will be front and center in class and the other kids will be looking to him as a role model/leader. (YIKES!) I hope he can focus and follow through on this new role.

Here are some pictures from this mornings ceremony. (I played around with some of the pictures on my computer picture editing since I originally took them all on my phone...don't laugh!! I'm not very good at it!)
(getting "the boot" to the next level from his main instructor and studio owner...this is a kenpo tradition)This morning Devin told me that he loves Karate! Keep up the good work Devin!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Devin 4.5

Devin 4.5 has been a bit feisty. He is testy with his tone of voice and knows what he wants and how to get it. He needs to be gently reminded often. Some of our favorites are, "Are you talking nicely?" and "Hands and words are not for hurting." He is also extremely lovable, a complete Daddy's boy, very into reading and learning how to write/put words together, and a total social bug.

Here are some Devin 4.5 pictures from this week-end at Memmere's.
Playing ball with Sammy.
Are you done yet Mom?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Razzle Dazzle

...that's Devin's favorite word.

"That's pretty funny, right Mom?"