Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy Saturday

I officially became a "soccer Mom" on Saturday! Devin started his soccer team, the Sting. He is in a Kindergarten league in our town and all of their practices/games are held at 8:00 am on Saturday mornings! Devin LOVED soccer and can't wait to go back.
In the picture below you can *barely* see him in the center of the picture. He is #4. He was running and dribbling the ball in the practice drills. After a 30 minute practice there are 2- 15 minute games.
Last Saturday, after having soccer, Devin had to participate in his karate promotion. He is getting to a pretty advanced level in his Little Ninjas Program. He currently has a white belt with a red stripe and just received a "Junior Leader" patch. He only has a few stripes left in this program! Go Devin!
I also had to buy him a new karate uniform on Saturday (we went for black this time). It was the first time Devin had worn the jacket since spring and he has grown a little (okay, A LOT!) and his sleeves were about 3 inches too short and the jacket barely made it to his waist! ***Big shout out to Memmere for switching over/adding on all of the patches!! Thanks! Love ya!***

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kindergarten Boy!

Devin started KINDERGARTEN on Tuesday!!! What a big boy!! Here he is, ready to go Tuesday morning in front of our house with his pack back and name tag on. We were just about ready to head over to our neighbor's house where he hangs out for about a half hour before she brings Devin and her grand daughter to school in the morning (I pick them up in the afternoon). The kids go to a private kindergarten from 9am to 2pm.

Once he was at school, it seems like the kids got right to work. He brought home a paper in which he copied the alphabet and wrote his name and told me about doing some math- writing his numbers (but I didn't see it). The concept of "seat work" was definitely something that Devin did not welcome with open arms and we had to talk about that Tuesday night and do a bit of practicing. I'm told he did much better with this on Wednesday (yay!). In some ways I do feel bad for the kid with his mom being a teacher and all.

I am super-happy about his teacher being strict and expecting near-perfect behavior from him though. While she expects this, she is also understanding that there is some adjustment time needed and that he is having some health problems (see below). I'm hoping this helps to prepare him with great behavior for first grade in public school next year.

On Wednesday he told me that he worked on patterning and that his was blue, yellow, blue yellow, etc. They got to make their pattern with stamps. He really enjoyed this. They also did a Bible Story with the pastor and he told me about how God made all of us. I'm so glad that he is able to get the Christian aspect of education this year without being in a Catholic school.
Through all of this Devin has been battling an ear infection....since his surgery on August 23. His poor right ear has been so angry that its resisted the Floxin drops, azithromycin (oral antibiotics), and the Cortosporin drops (when used alone). He is now on Cefdinir (oral antibiotics) as well as the Cortosporin drops. I sure hope this does the trick! He is due for some relief (which is what I was hoping for with the surgery!). We are scheduled to go for a recheck with the specialist in Boston next Thursday.

Signing off for Now,
Mom of a Kindergartener....Karla