Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Devin and I were both in the kitchen, he was painting and I was preparing meatballs for tonight's dinner. We were talking and got on the topic of Grandma (oh I believe we were talking about the dinosaur she got him, which is almost born~ more to come on that) when I mentioned that Grandma spoils him. Devin agreed with a giggle.

I said, "Hmm I am going to have to talk to her about that."

He replied with a big strong willed (yet, not mean) "No!"

As in "No, don't talk to Grandma about spoiling me because then who is going to give me weekly presents, ice cream every time I go over, make muffins for me or buy me munchkins when come over on Saturdays, and basically give me whatever I want because I am her pride and joy?!?!?!? Come on Mom, You will ruin ALL my fun in life!!!!!"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sesame Place

We've just arrived home from a last minute trip to Pennsylvania. As you know, Erick is on vacation this week and our weather has been RAINY! We were considering our options, (stay home and stare at the rain, day trips and indoor activities - BOO! take our chances on a trip up to Santa's Village at the end of this week- good thing we didn't pick that one!) and one of the options was Sesame Place in Langehorn, Pennsylvania. Obviously this one was the furthest option for us, 5.5 hours without traffic. It turned out to be the best choice! The weather was warm (HOT even!) and mostly sunny AND we got to see Carolyn, Devin's babysitter that moved down there to attend Drexel! She came to hang out with us in the late afternoon/evenings and even babysat for us one night so we could check out Philly and celebrate our anniversary. We went to D'Angelo's, a delicious and romatic italian restuarant in Philly. (Happy 4th Anniversary Hunny! I Love You!) It was a win/win for sure! Thanks again Carolyn!

Devin is at a perfect age for Sesame Place park and it was so much fun! We got to see the different Sesame characters, which was neat for Erick and I too, since we grew up on Sesame Street, and there was a ton of fun stuff to do~ rides, kiddie pools and water parks, parades and shows. Devin LOVED the rides, especially the ROLLER COASTER! As soon as we walked in the park Devin pointed to the roller coaster and said, "I want to go on THAT!" pointing to the roller coaster, so we did. The whole time we were on it, Devin was laughing and loving it and once we got off Devin said, "That was AWESOME!" He is definitely OUR kid!

Here is a little montage of our trip. I am sure I will post more pictures, stories later.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pre-School Celebration (Post Do-Over)

Saturday was Devin's first Pre-School Celebration. It was so cute! The kids sang songs and they showed a picture slide show with shots from throughout the year. They followed that up with a brunch buffet catered by the parents. Yum!

Here is Devin with one of his best school buddies, "A"

This is Devin sitting with "Mrs" K during the slide show. She was Devin's first teacher when he started at this school in the fall. He absolutely adores her and was heartbroken when she got married in May.
Devin's current teacher, Miss K, her daughter, and Devin. There was some serious tickling going on during this picture!
Mommy and Devin trying out the pinwheel Miss J, the owner, gave him in his goody bag.
Daddy and Devin posing for a picture.
Here is a video clip of the song that Devin's class "sang/performed" minus a couple of the shy kiddos who backed out at the last minute! Clearly my kid isn't shy~ little ham!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We Made it!!!

To Rockin' Rib Fest that is! Wooo hooo!! All it took was a little creative rearranging of our plans and a miracle from Mother Nature!

We were able to go eat some awesome ribs, and ice cream too and let Devin bounce away in all of the Kiddie acitivities. He had so much fun~ he especially loved the slides! Here is a video montage of Devin having a blast:

Make video montages at www.OneTrueMedia.com

Here is a picture of Daddy and the boy. I think its adorable!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vacation Blues

My vacation started Tuesday afternoon, Erick started after work this evening, and Devin starts after school tomorrow. The unfortunate thing is that the weather is terrible. It is currently pouring, and I do mean buckets, and 61* with not much pick-me up in the forecast. The next 10 days all have rain or chance (at least 30 %) of rain/thunderstorms in the forecast. EVERY SINGLE DAY! We have so many plans~ we wanted to hit the beach, go to the park with the water play area, zoo, possibly Santa's Village (notice these are ALL outdoor activities?!?!?!)

We are also supposed to go to Ribfest on Sunday for Father's Day. Rockin' Ribfest is an outdoor venue with tons of good barbeque food, music, rides/games for kids, etc. Not much fun in the rain though!


I am not a happy camper!

Rain, rain, GO AWAY.
Devin, Erick, and Karla want to go out and PLAY!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Papa's Influence

Preface: You have to know my father to appreciate this story. My father is a blues /jazz lover. He plays the bass in different blues and jazz bands and has about a bazillion blues/jazz CDs (am I wrong Mom?). Remember this post from Christmas time?

Devin loves listening to classical music when he goes to bed. Its just a habit that we've gotten into at home and something they do at school too. Its actually proven to boost brain growth, and really Devin just enjoys it. At home his Baby Mozart (or whatever composer we have in that day/week) plays for about an hour and then turns off at the end of the CD.

Sometimes Devin sleeps at my parent's house for his Saturday afternoon nap, or the occasional overnight. Well Saturday afternoon I got Devin all set up for his nap in my parent's Den. I gave him hugs and kisses and left the room. As I was walking down the hallway I could hear him calling me, so I went back in to see what he needed. "Jazzeber, Mommy!"

Huh? I didn't get it.

"Jazz eber Mommy. I need the Jazz Eber!"

It took me a minute until I realized that Devin was asking for one of my father's CDs titled "The Best Smooth Jazz Ever" I would say that Devin is definitely being influenced by his Papa!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Stand Corrected

I stand corrected, by Marcia and her many years of Barney watching with the grand kids, that it is not "Alice the Camel" but "SALLY the Camel."

Thank you Marcia for correcting us on our unfortunate mishap with poor Sally's name. I hope the story brought back many sweet memories for you!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Devin the Philosopher

Devin and I had quite the philosophical conversation this morning on the way to school.

He was telling me that camels have humps. He then started singing the song (not quite sure of the proper title) "Alice the Camel has 2 Humps..." but he was wondering why Alice turns into a horse when she has no more humps. I told him it was because she had no more humps, but that really its just a silly song.

Well Devin, being the thinker that he is, wanted to know what happened to the humps. "Do they pop like bubbles?"

I thought that was pretty darn clever. "Nope, really Devin, its just a silly song but you can ask your teacher when we get to school." Sometimes kids just need some confirmation from someone besides their mother. I guess Mom really doesn't know everything?!?!?

Anyway, as soon as we walked into school he walked right up to Miss Katie and started asking her about Alice and the humps. Miss Katie had no clue what was going on, poor thing! I quickly explained. The 3 teachers that were near-by all commented that Devin would ask about the theorist side of the song. My little wise man!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Game Night

Since all of the shows have ended their regular seasons, Erick and I have been watching 'How I Met Your Mother' on DVD. This was at the recommendation of some friends who really enjoy this hilarious TV Comedy. (I have to agree, if you have not seen it, its definitely worth your time!)

We also have dug deep into the basement and taken out some board games. We've been playing Tri-Ominos and Sequence. We brought up Overturn, but didn't play it. My point in telling you all of this is that Devin found where I had stashed the games and wanted to play them. I created a modified version of Overturn for him where you had to say the name of the letter and then put your ring on it. It was actually a perfect game for Devin...for the whole 3 minutes and 43 seconds he lasted!
Here is a close up. Devin was sitting in the top of the game box while playing. Eh, at least we had fun!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This and That

* Devin did have allergy testing last year. He did not test positive on anything (they tested all major food categories).

* I only have 9 days of school left for this school year!

*I am teaching summer school- third grade - for the month of July.

*Our babysitter is moving to Philly to go to Drexel University after 2 years at one of our state universities. :( We are very sad. She took Devin out on a "date" yesterday. They went out for a pizza dinner and ice cream. She also introduced us to a good friend of hers so that we aren't left without a sitter.

*I hope it works out with the new sitter because I need someone to watch Devin while I work summer school.

* We have a week's vacation coming up soon. I am not sure that we will be doing anything spectacular but it will be fun just to have the time off together. We will definitely hit up some of our local parks and beaches, as well as some museums/aquariums (with our library passes for cheaper prices). I hope we have nice weather!

* For Father's Day this year Erick wants to go to this "Rib Fest" that is held at a local Anheiseur Busch facility. We have talked about going for years, always hear good things about it, but this year we are determined to go!