Monday, March 29, 2010


Devin and Emma have been friends since they were about 20 months (if I am remembering correctly!) Devin is always excited to see Emma, and I love visiting with her Mom, Kim. When the kids get together they love to play, goof around, wrestle~ you name it. There is always one thing you can count on- chaos! It's awesome to see them have such a nice little friendship.

Here they are around their 2nd birthday:
About 2.5 years old and getting affectionate (lol):
Learning how to kiss (oh boy!):
About 3 years old:
Almost 4 years old:
I hope that Devin and Emma can continue their friendship for a very long time. They are so adorable together!! I'd also love them to stay close because I have come to have a great friendship with Emma's Mommy!

PS Kim, this is an old picture. I think you and I need an updated pic soon!

Bedtime Stories with Devin

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eye Doctor

Devin went to the Pediatric Eye Doctor Friday. They were able to get us in a month earlier than our scheduled appointment, which was great! Erick and I were so impressed with how well behaved Devin was while he was getting his exam (for 2 hours!). It doesn't hurt that the doctor and her assistant were soooo good with him.

Devin had a full-blown exam, complete with eye pressure check and dilation. He read the letters like a champ (meaning accurately named the letters when he could see them)- made us so proud!

We did find out a few interesting tid bits about Devin's eyes, thankfully nothing serious. First, the Doc thinks the excessive blinking and rubbing is from severe dryness of the eyes. That makes a lot of sense since Jan/Feb (when it was at its worst) were also when the heat had been blasting for a couple of months and indoor air is dry. She told us to use "fake tears" lubricating drops several times a day to ease this symptom (we had only tried it once and saw no difference at that time). We have been using the drops this week-end and it is helping Devin!

Devin's left eye read weaker than his right eye and he has a slight astigmatism in both eyes. Because of the reading she wants to see him again in about 6 weeks to check his vision again. Right now she is not recommending glasses or anything else besides the drops.

We are glad to have some answers and so proud of Devin for his EXCELLENT behavior :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Coffee Shop

I usually get my coffee K-cups from a cute little coffee shop called Out of the Woods. They have the best assortment of flavors, and you can mix and match- awesome! They have a lot more than coffee there, such as fresh roasted nuts, candy, ice cream, lunch items, and a gift shop with all kinds of animal themed items. Devin loves to go there with me and look around. If he is a "good boy" he can get a mini pack of jelly beans when we are done. If we have enough time we sit in the front of the coffee shop and enjoy our snack.

Here he is on Friday showing off a roasted cashew:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Phone Photo Friday

Here is a picture of Devin at school. His teacher sent this to me as they were getting ready to go outside and enjoy some great weather! Yep, that's my silly boy!

Here are Erick and I last month on our way to a "night out" to celebrate a friend's return from Iraq.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Learning Curve

Devin's vocabulary amazes me. He uses large words in conversation and can understand an immense amount of words as well. If he does not know a word, he can often figure it out in context and he is also not afraid to ask what it means (love that!). Lately he has been using a lot of phrases in his speech/conversation such as, "well actually" and "by the way." Its pretty cute.

Devin has also been heavy into rhyming lately. I love how he notices the rhyming words in books (all by himself) and can also produce a pair of rhyming words as well as supply a word that rhymes with a given word.

It is very exciting for me to watch Devin develop as he continues to thrive in his learning of literacy and math. He is also mastering new skills such as scootering and coloring, and really enjoys playing with his friends. He could use a little work on listening, but that is a different post altogether. ;)

I leave you with this little funny:

Devin: Mommy, how come you slept on the couch?

Mommy: Why do you think I slept on the couch?

Devin: Because it's comfortable?

Mommy: Yes Devin, the couch is comfortable. Why would Mommy sleep on the couch though?

Devin: Because Daddy was snoring again?!?! Why? He didn't wear his band-aid!?!?

(referring to his Breathe Right strip) haha

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hi! We are still here. I know I have been ignoring my blog the past week or so. I've been getting a lot of headaches again. Boo. And Devin went through a couple days of this 3.75 "fun." He is doing better now.

In light of his better behavior this week, the nice weather, and Mommy's need for a pick-me-up I decided it would be a good day for Devin and I to go on a date. I picked him up from school at 3 and we went out for ice cream.

Here he is enjoying his strawberry ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles.

And here he is about 5 minutes later.

Nope, the boy doesn't waste ANY time when it comes to ice cream. I wonder where he gets that trait from?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Signs of Spring

Sunday afternoon was gorgeous outside! By gorgeous, of course I mean by New England's winter standards. It was about 45* and sunny. We decided to bring Devin outside to learn how to ride the scooter (finally) that Grandma and Papa bought him for Christmas. He spent about 30 minutes getting comfortable and having fun with his scooter. After that he did some sidewalk chalk. Over an hour spent outside on a New England winter day (without snow gear) without freezing your hiney off is nearly unheard of!

Fast-forward to today....ANOTHER gorgeous afternoon!!! It was again about 45* and sunny! Devin and I spent at least an hour outside scootering, observing the liveliness of the parking lot's water drain (so fun! *cough* yeah right), and then we took a walk up to the dollar store for a little bit 'o shopping.

The rest of this week's forecast includes some snow (only about an inch or two) and then back up to the 45* range (wooo hooo!). Only means one thing to me.....Spring MUST be on its way!