Monday, August 30, 2010

School Days

Devin had his first day of Pre-Kindergarten (aka last year of pre-school) today. He was a bit nervous this morning. "'I'm going to miss you Mommy." he told me. So we talked about each of our "jobs." Devin's job is to go to school and learn and my job is to go to school and teach my students about reading. He understands this pretty well.

He was also nervous about being in a different class. Its filled with mostly the same children (a few newbies) but different teachers (one teacher in the am and one for after nap) and one thing we know about Devin is how much he LOVES Miss Emily (3 year old Pre-school teacher). He was a bit confused this morning but was getting the hang of things.

He will be just fine- my little social butterfly!

Here is Devin getting ready to leave the house this morning.
Cheesin' for Mommy
A silly muscle show-off shot!

T'was the Night Before School Started

and all through the house not a creature was stirring....not even Devin.
Mommy and Daddy snuggled up in their beds with visions of pre-school tuition dancing away from their heads.

The outfits were lined up on the dresser for the week- all new and tidy. The bags were overstuffed with asthma and allergy meds for Devin. A fan, water, granola bars, school supplies, and coffee for Mommy, and Daddy.....well Daddy's been working right along.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Phone Photo Friday~ Silly Boy at the Park

A Few Photos

We finally made it back to the Fisher Cats game. This time the weather held out and we stayed until the 7th inning. Thank goodness for the $5 Fun Zone that kept Devin's attention- jump house, big slides, batting! My parents got Devin this hat...too cute!

The pics below are from a pond/playground we stopped at one week-end. Devin enjoyed checking out the ducks. Unfortunately the splash pad wasn't working and the playground was small so we didn't stay long.

That's all for now!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You're Fired

is a really cool place you go to paint. You get to pick from all sorts of different things like mugs, plates, banks, etc. Now, I am NOT talented in this area, AT ALL, but I find it a lot of fun. I started going in 2003 with my friend Ellen, then skipped a bunch of years. Last week I convinced Erick to go with me on our date day (Devin's school day during Erick's vacation week). He hemmed and hawed but finally agreed. Let it be known that he did enjoy himself!

So here is an example of a piece I did in 2003 (left) and the piece I did last week (right).
Not much different, right? Both mugs, both beginner talent level, etc. So what has changed about my skill in the last 7 years?
CLEARLY my coffee drinking and the amount of coffee I require INSIDE the mug!!!

You're Fired here

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beachin' It Again

We went back to the beach again today, but this time not to lay and play. We went out for a delicious seafood dinner with my parents and then drove over to the busier area and walked around. We also let Devin play on the playground to let out some energy he had from sitting so much today! Here are a few pictures from this afternoon's outing.

Having fun swinging (before he fell off- knocked the wind out of him, but he was okay!)
My Parents :)
On the Merry Go Round~ faster Daddy!!
Looking for some babes...
Erick deep in thought...hehehe.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun In the Sun

On my off days from headaches I have been trying to make sure to do something fun with Devin. On Friday we went to Jenness Beach in Rye with my friend Carolyn from work and the infamous "Aiyah" aka Erin. I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would. I always dread going to the beach but usually have a good time. Carolyn was great with Devin. She brought him in the water and taught him how to jump and ride the waves. She also brought him on a nice long walk. Here she is with him.
Devin played, a little bit, on the sand but would MUCH RATHER be in the water!
Of course my favorite pic of the day was taken on my phone so the colors aren't as vibrant.
The tide was out which was perfect for floating boats in the tide pool.
On Sunday we went up to Lake Sunapee for the day. My friend Heather's parents have a condo there. Erick, Devin, and I spent the day with Heather, Pierce, Marie (Heather's mom), and briefly saw Heather's brother, sister in law, and their friend. We were on the beach for a few hours. Erick took each of the boys kayaking and they all played water football and had a blast. Then we switched it up and went over to the heated pool. After that we headed to the condo to change. Erick took the boys to the playground while us ladies chit chatted and got some food ready. Dinner on the grill and a salad when the boys got back was delicious. By 7:30pm I thought we all might pass out and it was definitely time to head home. Devin slept the whole 1 hr 20 minute trip and Erick and I recounted the day. Unfortunately I have NO pictures of the adventure because I left my camera at home :(

Here is the lone camera pic I took on the way up.
Let's see what other adventures we can have this week!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wild Randomness

*Devin has recently been on the "Wild" side again (of Your Four Year Old: Wild and Wonderful). He has been fresh-mouthed and super-independent minded (seriously kid, you are not 18. Do you not know that?). He has also been acting like a spoiled brat lately. I do not think that is how we treat him. I think we have reasonable expectations for Devin. We have consequences for the freshness and poor choices. Devin has visited 'Time Out' a lot lately. Oye! I just keep reminding myself, "This too shall pass."

*Some things are different around here though. Devin and I are not used to being home all the time. We are not used to being together all the time. And we have been for 6 weeks now. Yes he is going to school one day a week, but otherwise we are together. All. The. Time. Erick, Bless his heart, has been working 6 long days a week to earn extra money while the overtime is there. Thank God for my Mom and Dad. They have kept Devin overnight a couple of times in the past few week-ends. That is a such a nice break.

*Also, recently I have had a headache. Like all day, EVERY day. I had a headache for 5 days, had a 1 day break and now have had it again for 3 days so far. This really puts a damper on things for me and Devin. I know its unfair for me to expect him to be quiet and calm all the time but its also unreasonable to expect me to take him out and about in the hot sun etc with a raging headache. That has been causing a lot of stress between us, unfortunately. I am hoping this headache will break soon (not sure why the meds aren't doing the trick!)

*I have 4 weeks of summer vacation left. 3 days of workshops during that time and hopefully a lot of fun to be had! Let's hope these headaches GO AWAY!