Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still Here

Here is a brief rundown of things around here....(nothing exciting)

~Devin had an ear infection over the week-end. He is doing better.
~Devin's bottom two 2-year molars are poking through the gums.
~Devin has been a testy little "wild child" lately. His listening is horrible and he is just giving me and Erick a hard time. See above (and the fact that he is nearly 2 1/2, which speaks for itself).
~Devin is, however, doing very well at school. So that's good.
~I had a severe migraine over the week-end that needed ER treatment. Not fun.
~I had my wisdom teeth out last Tuesday and they are still bothering me. Is that normal?
~We, especially Devin, have been able to visit with his Uncle Brian and Aunt Courtney who are up from Florida. He really enjoys playing with them.
~In addition to being addicted to Toy Story, Devin has added Toy Story 2 and Nemo to his preferred list of movies to watch.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Pre-School

As previously mentioned, Devin began pre-school today. He LOVED it! He had a great day. Devin LOVED the playground the best and spoke of the slide many times. I asked him if he took a nap with the kids and he said, "Yeah I close my eyes!" while squeezing his eyes shut! He then said, "Thanks for my bear Mom." because I sent one of his "loveys" with him to school. I asked him what Miss Tara taught him and he told me "C" and tried to make a C in sign language with his hand. Too cute!

Here is Devin at about 7 this morning, ready to go to school!!!

There are several reasons that we like this school....its run by teachers for teachers, it has small class sizes (6 in his class), it is fairly close by, and they use a (basic) curriculum that includes a letter a week...those are just a few of them!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bad Mommy Moment

So I broke a rule I know I shouldn't have....

I brought Devin to Wal-mart during his typical nap time. He didn't even seem tired until about 2 minutes before we pulled in to the parking lot. He was fine at first, helping me look for a birthday present. Of course we were in the toy section and I offered to get him a set of really cool Nick Jr cars- he said no, a movie- he said no, so we found the Matchbox gift and then we were off. I strolled over to the kids' section since I need new sippy cups for pre-school (starting Monday...stay tuned). On the way Devin begins screaming and crying and hitting me from the cart. I firmly told him that is not how we act in the store and that is not how we ask for something. He persisted and I told him that he was in "Time Out" (yes, cart time out, lol) and he started screaming, "I listen Mommy! I listen!" Ummm....no you aren't.

It was utterly embarassing. Everyone was staring at me. I just kept on pushing the cart with my head held high and a ferociously serious face. Devin kept this up through check out, through the parking lot, and even did the whole arching of the back thing to get into the car seat (I know you have all experienced that one). He passed out about half way home....thank goodness!

My question, though, is this.....Do all of those strangers who were gawking at me really never have their child do this at some point or another? Do they want me to believe they have never "been there" or that I am a bad parent?

Whatever. At least I didn't give in.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cute Conversations

This conversation occurred between Devin and I yesterday morning.

Devin: I like your new shirt Mom.
Me: (after giggling a little since he has never said this before) I like your new jeans Devin.
Devin: I like your new jeans too, Mom. (I was wearing brown dress pants)
Me: Thanks Devin!
Devin: I'm a cry Mom.
Me: Why are you gonna cry Devin?
Devin: I want Daddy, Mom.
We proceed to call Daddy who is on his way to work.
Devin: Hi Daddy!
Daddy: Hi Devin!
Devin: You go to work Daddy?
Daddy: Yes, Devin. I have to go to work.
Devin: You a mailman Dad?
Daddy: Yes Devin, I'm a mailman.
Devin: Okay Dad. I luuh you.
Daddy: I love you too Devin. Be good for Mommy.

It still amazes me that Devin is capable of holding a conversation complete with his own thoughts. I am also impressed lately with how he lets me know of his emotions.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finished Product

We are very pleased with our new look in the kitchen! I am relieved to have my kitchen back. After several hours of cleaning and unpacking, things are now back where they belong!!!

Oh, I guess that means I have to start cooking again tomorrow....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Almost Finished...

Its almost done....a few more hours (tomorrow) and the kitchen cabinet refacing project will be complete! Yay! Here is a sneak peek!
Tomorrow: knobs on cabinets, drawers, and lazy susan.

I LOVE it! Isn't it an amazing transformation??? My kitchen is now part of THIS century!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

About that Kitchen

In response to Joanna's questions...

Where do you have everything stored?

How are you cooking?
I am not. Tonight we ordered in Chinese. Tomorrow we are having Dominos 2 for Tuesday! LOL Beyond that we are not sure. We haven't planned for it. We are hoping that they will be finished on Wednesday, but its no guarantee. I kept out a box of granola bars for easy breakfasts, a few cups and bowls, and the silverware. PB&Js are easy to put together too. Plus I can use the microwave, since that is built in. As you can see above, we obviously can not sit at the table and eat, but I figure just about anything is manageable for a couple of days!

(How is that for timeliness?)

Kitchen Cabinets Part 2

Destruction begins....End of Day 1

Kitchen Cabinets Part 1

Well, its official...our kitchen cabinet refacing has begun! I am going to document a before/during/after on my blog.

This is our kitchen last night...after all of the contents had been removed but before the destruction and refacing had begun.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Word to the Wise

If you are going to take the time to prepare a crock pot meal before work....remember to plug in the crock pot and not just assume it will cook when you turn it on!

I was really looking forward to having this meal tonight. Its easy and delicious. I will share it with you, even though I can not eat it tonight (talk about a WASTE of $!) UGH!

Crock Pot Beef and Carrots

1 pound of cubed stewing beef
1 bag of baby carrots
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
spices as desired

1. Brown the beef in pan using whatever spices you like (I use my garlic pepper combo)
2. Layer the bottom of the crock pot with baby carrots.
3. Place browned beef cubes over the carrots.
4. Dump a can of cream of mushroom soup on top.
5. Cook for approx. 8 hours. on low (BE SURE TO PLUG IT IN!)

This meal is so tender and yummy! If you are able to mix it at some point during the day that is good, if not it will still come out tastey just be sure to spread the soup around when you put it together.