Thursday, February 26, 2009

Discovery Stop

We found a new, fun place to play called Discovery Stop! Its an indoor playground with different play stops (centers) for entertainment. We tried it out on Sunday as a family (and went again today with friends) and LOVED it! Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today was the day....the day for ear tubes and adenoidectomy that is! The picture above is Devin in the waiting room before we went into the back to get prepped. When Devin was all ready to go in (and Mommy was all dressed up in her jumpsuit) the camera phone wanted to take a video! Silly thing! And time was tight, so alas no picture of the cutie in his johnny.

Devin did extremely well with surgery. We got him dressed, as I mentioned, and I put on the jumpsuit so that I could bring him in and stay with him until he was asleep. He started to get nervous once we were inside the operating room. I pointed out his Ear Nose and Throat Doctor, whom he is familiar with and the doctor said hello to him and then I put him on the table. I stroked Devin's face and placed his bear close as I talked to him. They put the sleepy gas mask up close to his face and I told him how it was just like doing his nebulizer "mask" at home. Devin was okay with the mask because he is so used to doing the neb. He started saying, "I want Mommy, I want Mommy!" but in a calm tired kind of way. That was sad. Once he fell asleep he was snoring and his eyes were half closed and I felt sad as I left.

We waited for a half hour in the waiting room nearby. Erick went and got me a caramel macciatto (sp?) from the mini Starbucks in the hospital caf. YUM!

The 1/2 hour went by fairly quickly and the doctor came in to tell us that the surgery went well. There was a lot of fluid in the ears, which he removed, and the adenoids were large as suspected. We had to wait another 10 or 15 minutes until they were ready for us to come in to be with Devin. When I went in, I got to hold my big boy like a little baby. That made me feel like a very much needed mommy. He was all wrapped up in a warm blanket and still lacking head control. He quickly gained back control of himself as he perked up a lot when he saw us and wanted juice and then had a Popsicle. It was a rapid process from there. He had some toast and soon we were released and on our way home.

At home Devin took two naps today, a 2.5 hour nap and an almost 2 hour nap. He has been treated with ice cream and cookies (but yes, he also had yogurt and milk and a real dinner!) and lots of TV.

Now we just hope that all of this was worth it! I hope that this increases his health, well-being, and his hearing.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Young Love

Unexpected Start to Vacation

Well our vacation did not start off so well.....

Friday afternoon, my best friend and Devin's God Mother, Erin came over and went with me to surprise Devin at school. He was excited to say the least! Once we got home I went to unlock the door and somehow managed to drop my ENTIRE key ring (all my keys) down a 1 inch hole in between the cement steps and the house. This became my mini 2 day nightmare!

We spent an hour at the neighbor's house waiting for Erick to get home. Then Erick and I spent a while trying to get them out. We were out in the dark, cold night trying to fish out keys from the hole. We used some of my brother's magnetic and "grabby" tools. We vacuumed out old leaves. We did not know what else to do. We decided to wait until the next day. On Saturday my in-laws came over while Erick was at work to try to help. My mother in law kind of got in the side of the stairs and dug a hole and then my father in law stuck his arm in there with the shop vac and vacuumed until my keys came out! Thank goodness! I was so appreciative and thankful! They insisted on going to get some cement to seal off the hole so that I wouldn't have that problem again!

Personally, I think Erick got off easily! Haha, just kidding! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Please Forgive Me

I know that my blogging has been less that desirable lately. I have been trying to spare you the sicky details, as there have been many. Currently, though, Devin appears to be healthy and "normal" which is such a welcomed sight! I am hesitant to say this though because it seems once I notice this he becomes sick again. To recap, in the past 2 months Devin has had 3 ear infections, 1 stomach virus, and a chest virus, plus his usual asthma. No, its not been fun!

Devin did manage to make it to his Valentine's Day party at school on Friday the 13th. On the same day, Erick was invited in to school to do a special presentation to the class on the mail/post office. They have been talking about this all month and thought it would be fun to have a "real" mailman come in. Erick was flattered and went in armed with stickers and stamps for the kids to play with. He also brought along Devin's valentine treats for his friends as a "special delivery" which Devin and Daddy handed out to the kids. I only wish I could have been there to witness the cuteness and of course take pictures. Here are my guys before they headed off to school. Of course Devin *had* to wear his mail shirt (from Halloween) just like Daddy!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

ENT says...

Time for the TUBES again and take out those adenoids!

The second part was a surprise to me. He asked me a few questions such as, "Does Devin snore?" (Yes) And observed his heavy open mouthed breathing and suggested that most likely his adenoids are enlarged and recommended taking them out. He thinks that this will improve Devin's ear drainage, breathing (different from his asthma), and snoring issues.

The great part is that it only adds 10-15 minutes to the surgery and a day to the recovery (so total 25-30 minute surgery and 2 day recovery period- at home). We had his ear plugs/molds made while we were at the office yesterday. Devin chose blue plugs with a blue case (same as I chose for him when he was a baby!).

Surgery: Tuesday Feb 24th

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Lovey

Devin has always had these bear/blanket loveys. (He has one at home, one at school for nap time, and one at Grandma's). He uses them for sleeping, but that's it. I did not want him to carry one around- too germy, too silly looking (hope I don't offend anyone!), didn't want to be frantically looking for a lovey that got lost, etc. He was always satisfied when I told him that his "bear" stayed in his bed ~he is a very sleepy bear you know!

Somehow over the last week or two Devin has become VERY attached to his bear(s). He doesn't mind which one it is, as long as he has one. If we are at home, he HAS to have the bear with him! Over the week-end Devin spent the night with Grandma and Papa and sure enough he was carrying the bear around more than usual. When I picked him up from school today he was carrying his bear around, and this was a first. I am not sure if this new found "need" for his lovey is coming from all of this sickness lately or some other insecurity or if he has just formed a new attachment to his bears, but I am not sure how I feel about it.....

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Official: My Son is Back!

Just a quick update to let you know that my son is officially back! The difference between this child currently residing in my house and the insane child who was here last week is unspeakable!

It was so wonderful to pick him up from school today and be greeted with a joyful "Mommy!" and warm smile, be able to put on his coat and hat without chasing him around the building, walk out to the car and buckle him in to the car seat, and make a stop on the way home without one melt down. We also went for a quick walk to the mailbox when we got home, since its staying lighter a little bit later now (yay!). When we came in Devin showed me that he had learned "Ring Around the Rosy" and we played several rounds of that and then did the laundry together. He ate all his dinner and spent some time with Daddy too.

All in all things have been great around here today!

Later this week: Results of the ENT appointment.....

Friday, February 6, 2009

UPDATE on Devin

Devin seems like he is beginning to get better. Today is the first day we have started to notice a difference. One of the biggest problems in Devin being sick, is his behavior. I don't mean that he is just a little bit fussy, I mean that he is FULL FLEDGED disobedient! He obviously has a hard time hearing because of the severity of the ear infections he has been getting, but then he proceeds to double on that by ignoring and talking back, being defiant. He is mean and rude. He hits, pushes, and hurts. He does everything he knows he should not do. He does everything that he doesn't do when he is healthy.

It is VERY frustrating. It is wearing physically, emotionally, and mentally. We try to remind each other that this too shall pass. We need to get through this....see him through this ear infection...and it will get better.

But today there was a bit of light! By the time I picked him up from school he had started listening and behaving again! Not completely, but oh so much better!!! My Devin was back, I found my beautiful wonderful son again!

We go to the ENT on Wednesday. *Hoping for round 2 of tubes to come Feb 24th*

Please pray that Devin does not get another ear infection in the mean time!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Going to the doctors' offices in the past 2 weeks....$150

Medicine for the past 2 weeks....$50

Amount equal to getting my family healthy again....PRICELESS!!!!


Thankfully I am feeling about 85% better, and Erick is probably about 90% better. Its now Devin we have to get on the feel-better train! He has another double bursting ear infection on top of this virus that Erick and I had! Poor kid. We will be bringing Devin back to the ENT (Ear Nose Throat) soon. More to come on that as the situation develops!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lingering Virus

Ugh, so its been a week and we are still not well. I do not know what else to do. I have aired out the house, Lysol-ed everything, changed the bedding, cleaned, rested, taken medicine, drank hot tea with honey, and consumed LARGE AMOUNTS of H2O!!!

Now....WHAT AM I MISSING???? How do I make this go away?!?!?!? All 3 of us are still hacking, stuffy, and exhausted!

Is it Spring yet???