Monday, September 20, 2010

Bath Time Writing

I have to say, as active as Devin is, he is pretty darn smart. He wanted to use the tub crayons so I asked him, "How do you spell 'cat' ?" and he responded with "Ccccc-aaaa-ttttt" and wrote this. I love how the 'a' is both a capital and lower case 'a'.

Also tonight when we were reading 'Wiley Learns To Read' we were sounding out the word 'frog' to see if the letters were in the proper order. Devin was able to tell me that the 'o' and 'r' were mixed up. It first appeared as 'forg' and then Wiley has to fix it. This is not a book we've read often.

Oh how I love witnessing young minds blossom!


Jennifer said...

Love it! What a smart boy!

Joanna said...

It's so much fun watching their minds grow and learn. He has very nice writing, by the way.

Steph said...

Love to see their minds at work! Good job Devin!

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