Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Traditions

One of Devin's favorite Christmastime traditions has become Elf on the Shelf. Ever since he realized that Christmas was approaching (I guess about a week or so before Thanksgiving) he has been asking when the Elf was going to come to our house. The concept of the Elf is that he/she goes back to Santa each night to report on the behavior of the child/children of the house. The Elf works by magic and if you touch it too much or play with it, it will lose its magic. Each morning the child has to find the Elf in its new hiding spot, where it landed upon returning from Santa. It can be quite fun!

One of the things Devin has asked for this year is new books. *Squeal* Can you feel my excitement? Of course that thrills me (the reading teacher!)!! So I decided to buy a bunch of books for Devin through book orders at my school. The Elf, Frain- this is the name Devin gave him last year, will be able to give Devin a new book about every other day.

I also have a couple of pieces of coal if need be...


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Kara said...

I've been tempted to get an Elf for our house too!