Friday, March 18, 2011

May 2006 FAMILY Meet up!

On the first night of our Disney trip we were able to meet up with a May 2006 Mom and her family. It was so fun to meet another Mom with whom I have been "friends" since Devin was a baby! Kara, her husband Trey, and their 3 girls were so sweet. (We loved their southern accents too!!)
Kara, Kendall and Devin ~ the May 2006 kiddos!, and Karla
Kylee, 3 Kendall, 4 and Devin, 4Erick and Trey had a good time talking sports!

They were so nice- they surprised Devin with personalized mouse ears!

Devin was so tired from all of the day's excitement. He slept on the table through most of dinner!I hope we get to meet up again someday Kara! We had a great time getting to know you better.
And let Trey know that Devin is waiting for that Tennessee football recruitment info!! hehe


Kara said...

We really enjoyed meeting you all too! Will you email me that picture of me, Kendall, Devin, and you? I like your picture better. Also, seriously now Trey asked me the other day if I had your address so he could send Devin some Tennessee stuff. Be prepared there aren't many little boys in our family at all. So when he gets a chance to shop for one he can go a little overboard. :)

Mel said...

Looks fun! Wonder if Kara's gonna be there in November?