Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Surgery Outcome

This was BEFORE the surgery, see how happy Devin looks here? It took a little bribery and reassuring to calm him down, though. We had a great discussion at dinner the night before the procedure where I explained to Devin what was going to take place the next morning and allowed him to ask questions. He seemed fine. We got up early and headed into Boston and all was fine still. Once it was time to put on these pajamas, though, something clicked for Devin and he got REALLY freaked out! I think he was extremely nervous all of a sudden. We talked to him and told him that it was okay to be a bit nervous and okay I admit I bribed him with a new Wii game (Cars 2) if he "did a good job." (Hey, I was desperate!!!! I don't even like for him to play that much Wii!)

Overall, things went fine with his surgery. The biggest surprise was that it wasn't his re-grown adenoids like his Pediatric ENT suspected from the x-rays (she had told us this was possible because of shadowing). It was actually what is called Gerlach Tonsils. They are very swollen (hence the shadowing on the x-rays) and blocking the Eustachian tubes from working properly and causing all of Devin's symptoms (fluid in the ears, nasal congestion/allergy type symptoms, headaches/pressure, hearing loss). The placement of tubes (set #3 for Devin) should alleviate these symptoms for the duration of the tubes. It is likely that the symptoms will return once the tubes fall out and then we will have to discuss action at that time.

Poor Devin had a very difficult time coming out the anesthesia. He was crying and screaming and thrashing around. Three nurses and myself trying to calm him, soothe him. Once he started to wake up a little he started screaming, "I can't hear! I can't hear!" Now, up until that point I was holding it together very well. I was strong, hadn't cried. We've been through this twice before. I'm a veteran. Once he started screaming, "I can't hear anything!" I got scared. I couldn't help it. I felt bad for my baby. I was worried something was wrong. I knew the doctor had to put tubes in his ears because there was cotton in them... but I hadn't spoken to her yet. Erick had just been allowed in recovery with me and he looked worried, said he spoke to the doctor briefly and Devin has some "condition" but he couldn't remember what it was called. Something wrong with his ears.... That's when my tears started flowing. I didn't want Devin to see me crying so I kept my face away from him. The nurses got me some tissues and patted me on the back. Erick took Devin in his lap (I had been trying to rock him) and calmed him down with a Popsicle (got to love distraction).

We waited there in recovery for what felt like forever. It was probably only an hour or two but we were waiting for the doctor because she wanted to talk to us. We watched Devin's stats- his O2 is fantastic considering he has been off of his asthma medication since June! and rubbed his back. We could tell when he was feeling better because he started wiggling his finger enough to make the alarm go off on the stat monitor (is that what its called??) on purpose....little stinker!

She finally came in, once she had a break in between surgeries I guess, and explained to us what the Gerlach Tonsils were doing to Devin and what it meant for him in the future. I was disappointed to learn he had to get tubes put back in, as was he (that means ear plugs when he swims- and he LOVES to swim under water!) and that he will likely encounter all of these issues again when this set of tubes fall out. *sigh* Its been such a long road for Devin and all of his ear problems. I guess in one way its good to know WHY he is having all of these issues. On the other hand, I recognize that it could be so much worse.

We are so grateful to Devin's Pediatric ENT Doctor and all of the fantastic nurses and staff at Mass Eye and Ear. EVERYONE was just wonderful with us, especially with Devin. We have not one complaint. Thank you God for taking care of my baby.


Mel said...

Glad his surgery was a success. Scary about the waking from anesthesia! Hugs to you!

Kara said...

Awe, I know that had to be a scary experience. Hope he bounces back soon and those tubes last a while.

Karen said...

Glad to hear that the surgery went well. Hope that they can come up with a solution for treatment if this happens again.