Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy Saturday

I officially became a "soccer Mom" on Saturday! Devin started his soccer team, the Sting. He is in a Kindergarten league in our town and all of their practices/games are held at 8:00 am on Saturday mornings! Devin LOVED soccer and can't wait to go back.
In the picture below you can *barely* see him in the center of the picture. He is #4. He was running and dribbling the ball in the practice drills. After a 30 minute practice there are 2- 15 minute games.
Last Saturday, after having soccer, Devin had to participate in his karate promotion. He is getting to a pretty advanced level in his Little Ninjas Program. He currently has a white belt with a red stripe and just received a "Junior Leader" patch. He only has a few stripes left in this program! Go Devin!
I also had to buy him a new karate uniform on Saturday (we went for black this time). It was the first time Devin had worn the jacket since spring and he has grown a little (okay, A LOT!) and his sleeves were about 3 inches too short and the jacket barely made it to his waist! ***Big shout out to Memmere for switching over/adding on all of the patches!! Thanks! Love ya!***

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