Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st Day of Elementary School

Despite Devin's hesitancy and nervousness he had a great first day of first grade!! To quote Devin as he came off the bus with a huge smile, he said "It was great! I made a lot of friends and didn't even get in trouble!"  I am so proud of Devin and happy for him. I know that not knowing the other kids or what to expect at a new school was nerve-wrecking for him (subsequently making it nerve-wrecking for Mama!) Devin likes his teacher, Mrs. Marques, and feels comfort in knowing that she "won't make him do anything he doesn't know how to do" though I think Devin won't find that an issue. ;) He does wish his classroom space was bigger, but there is not much anyone can do about that!

Nadya also enjoyed her first day of second grade and talked a lot about the "work" and the shelter in place drill that they had. She has several friends in her class again this year and found great comfort in that. I know she will do well with Mrs. Martin.

 Bus Stop
 Here he goes! Off to first grade!
I hope that both of these kiddos have a wonderful school year- full of learning, friendships, and pride.

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Carrie77 said...

Glad their first day of school went so well!