Friday, December 19, 2008

Lesson From the Storm

So this morning I told Devin that we were getting a big snowstorm today (8 to 12 inches expected). His response, you ask?

"No electricity Mommy? No tv, no lights, no heat?"

I sure hope that's not the case Devin!!!

*At least he learned a new vocabulary word out of the storm last week!*


Steph said...

Hope you keep your power with this storm!!! I hope we keep ours too!

Stephanie said...

Hi lady...I found you thru Kaycee's page! I am from Derry, NH...and the snow started around 1pmish today and there has got to be a few inches of snow and rain out there right now. We lost power from last thursdays storm for 4 days! Good luck and I hope this storm doesn't cause another poweroutage! I'll just die!!!

Lisa and Curtis said...

LOL That's too funny! What a smart boy you have!

Stacey said...

I hope your power stays on this time. It is amazing what they can pick up.

Mel said...

Don't freeze! So cute that Devin knows the drill. Hope you don't lose power. Left you an award at my blog if you want to claim it!