Friday, January 9, 2009


Did you miss me?

~I am still here. I have been busy. We have had company this week. My 19 year old cousin, Hana, is here spending some time during her winter break.

~On Wednesday we had a snow day. There wasn't a whole lot of snow, but the timing of the snow was poor and there was an issue with ice/freezing rain too. We (me, Devin, and Hana) stayed in relaxed, and played all day. Poor Erick had to work outside in the "loveliness" of New England winter.

~ Hana came to my school and volunteered her time in a 4th grade classroom on Thursday and Friday. She also offered to babysit Devin this evening (Friday) so we took her up on it and went on a child-less trip to BJ's and then out for an ice cream (it's only 25* out tonight!). What a romantic date, huh? Anyway, Hana enjoyed herself and Devin LOVED having her here (as did we). She may make another appearance during her spring break. It's a win/win for all of us!!!

~We continue to work on Devin's potty training. He is doing alright. At school he has been having 1 to 2 accidents a day, so far. At home one day he will be dry all day and then the next he will have a few accidents. It will all fully click in due time I guess!

~Here is a picture of my boy. (Don't mind my mess in the background or the quality- it was taken on my cell phone!)~cheese!


Rebecca said...

Cutie Pie!
Any night with no kids is a good night! Even if it is for ice cream in the dead of winter!

Stacey said...

A night with no kids it great any way even with ice cream in winter. That is great to hear about Devin and potty training. He will get it soon.

Zoey's Mommy said...

I'm glad to hear potty training is going so well! Zoey shows no interest what so ever, and it just frustrates me. My goal was to have her potty trained by the end of 2008. Didn't happen. Then I figured, well, as long as she is out of diapers by the time the baby comes, I'll be happy. Well, I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen either. I guess when she's ready she'll go.

How sweet of your cousin to babysit so you can enjoy some time to yourselves!

Shauna said...

Ahhh how we would love a night with no kids!! We haven't had wait...EVER!
Yay for Devin getting the hang of the potty! He will get in full swing of it in no time :)