Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Interview with Devin

I took one of those interview things going around on facebook and asked Devin the questions. Its somewhat modified because he did not answer (or understand) each one. Here are the results. It's kinda cute!

~ What is something mom always says to you? That's not nice.

~ What makes mom happy? A kiss

~ What makes mom sad? When you no watch you show

~ How does your mom make you laugh? you sing

~ How old is your mom? 2

~ How tall is your mom? BIG

~ What is your mom really good at? teaching

~ What does your mom do for her job? teach the kids

~ What is your mom's favorite food? I not hungry

~ What makes mom proud of you? go potty

~ What do you and your mom do together? build, make a tower

~ How do you know your mom loves you? I do

~ Where is your mom's favorite place to go? At work


Joanna said...

I love reading these. I love that 2 year olds are so astute, and that they think their mom's are all 2.

Oh, and that they are all so wrong about work.

Rebecca said...

*tee hee hee*
To funny!

Stacey said...

Funny. I love your favorite place is work.

Emily said...

Karla- I had no idea your favorite place was work-too funny!