Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last night we went out for seafood. Erick and I had been craving some critters of the sea, so we went to a local place to fulfill the desire. Devin was a bit spooked by the fake lobsters hanging on the walls and kept talking about them the whole time we were there. He didn't even want to try my lazy man's lobster (shame on yummy!) At the end of our meal the waitress brought out a real lobster in a bucket for Devin to see.

In the first picture Devin gets a little daring and peeks in the bucket...
In the second picture Daddy is touching the lobster's claws (in an attempt to get Devin to touch it- yeah right!). The rest of the night Devin kept saying, "Daddy don't touch the lobster. He's too grumpy!"
It was pretty funny/cute and definitely the highlight of our dinner!

Sorry about the picture quality, they were taken on my phone.


Zoey's Mommy said...

That's too cute! And funny!

We go to this grocery store about once a week and they have a lobster tank. Zoey ALWAYS has to say hello to the "yoppers" as she calls them.

Anna said...

So cute Karla!!
I would love to take Nolan to a seafood place except I don't eat any seafood!!!

Joanna said...

I love when kids say things that are so completely true yet funny. He's a smart boy to keep his fingers away from that bugger.

Steph said...

Devin's comment on the grumpy lobster is hilarious~ Cooper won't touch them either.

I was just saying to Ben tonight that I could not wait until it got warmer so that we could cook lobsters out back in the cooker!

Emily said...

So cute- "he's too grumpy!"