Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Say What?!?

Over the week-end we attended a baptism for Erick's cousin's sweet baby girl, Aliana. When we arrived to the party Erick's cousin Michael was standing out front, all dressed up. He is darker skinned (Dominican), clean cut, and thin build. He was wearing black/navy dress pants and a white dress shirt. Devin, being the astute boy that he is, noticed Michael right away once we pulled up and said, "Is that Obama?"

Erick and I happened to think that was possibly the most humorous thing we had heard all week-end! Everyone was calling Michael "Obama" for the rest of the day. I wish we had gotten that on video!


On Friday Devin got the "regular" flu shot. Well, the way that he cried you might have thought someone was torturing him. He is usually pretty good with his shots and honestly, hasn't cried for the last several rounds of shots. Not this time! When he heard that my mother was also getting a flu shot he told her, "Grandma, you're gonna CRY when you get your flu shot!"


Big Announcement!!!

One of Devin's little school friends is Gabby. Yesterday I heard all about how "beautiful" Gabby is and how "beautiful" her dress was that she was wearing yesterday. Yes, he also told her, and several other girls how beautiful they were. Oye! Gabby's mother works at Devin's school and this morning Devin asked her mother, Miss "D", "Is it alright if I marry Gabby?"

Hahaha! Miss D was so impressed with his manners that she said she would love for Gabby to marry a polite boy like him.

Am I in trouble or what?!?!?!


Joanna said...

LOL. The things that come out of 3-year-old's mouths are (mostly) great.

Michele said...

Devin is quite the little "man" isn't he? Too cute.

Stacey said...

Those stories are so cute. Sounds like Devin's a real charmer.