Sunday, September 20, 2009

Super Fun Busy Week-end

Friday night Devin stayed with Grandma and Papa so that Erick and I could go on a date. We kept it low key, running errands and going to Chunky's to see Love Happens. It was a sweet girly movie, and lucky for me my hubby is so good about watching those! Devin, of course had fun spending the night at Grandma's!

Saturday morning I had a hair appointment and afterward I met up with Devin and my Mom. We went to see my Dad and his band play at the Auburn Duck Race. It was a lot of fun to watch them play, especially since Devin has never seen the whole band in action, just my Dad playing his bass at home. Devin was really grooving to the music!

There was a big (plastic) duck race, clowns making balloons for the kids, face painting, food, and more!
On Sunday Erick, Devin, and I went apple picking. The apples are great and its nice and early in the season so they aren't picked over yet. We found lots and quick!

After that we went to visit Abuela, Grandpa, Uncle Brian and Aunt Courtney. We brought them some of our freshly picked apples. We had a lot of fun visiting and the 3 of us had a new experience~ the Wii! We tried a few of Brian's games. Devin really liked the Mario Cart and the baseball game. We laughed a lot!

You know I made Apple Crisp on Sunday evening.....YUM!


Joanna said...

Apple picking, Mario Cart, and apple crisp. Devin's got it good.

Mel said...

I think Apple Crisp is my favorite non-chocolate dessert. YUM!

Lisa and Curtis said...

I think Joanna summed it up nicely! What a busy mama you are! So glad you all had fun together!

Steph said...

Aw, I will miss apple picking this fall up there. We had such a great time at Cider Hill farm last year.