Friday, January 22, 2010

The Best Thing

I asked Devin a couple of probing questions last night. Here were his interesting responses.

Mommy: Devin, What's the best thing you ever had to eat?

Devin: Uhhh, pancakes with (whipped) cream.

Mommy: Yeah, that is pretty good! Where is the best place you ever went?

Devin: The (Mc) Donald's Playground (he means the know where he is talking about!)

Mommy: What's the best thing you ever did?

Devin: Went to get a smoothie with Grandma and then got powdered donuts. Those are good!

*Ha! I am sensing a a bit of a pattern here. (FOOD!) Although, in his defense we WERE watching Food Network at the time and the Best of All Time ad is what prompted the questions in the first place!


Joanna said...

Pancakes with Whipped cream? That sounds pretty darn good to me too.

JermaineOscar said...
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Steph said...

Cooper likes to watch the 'cake show' on Food Network... he randomly decided a few weeks ago that he likes it after a specific Disney cake challenge. :) He's just not that interested in eating any of it.