Monday, January 4, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls

Isn't there a Beastie Boy song like that?

Devin has been quite interested in girls for a while now. Bless MY heart! I am going to be in trouble with this kid!

Last week we went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakqual. In this second edition Chipmunks movie Alvin, Simon, and Theodore become swooned by the Chipettes, a cute female Chipmunk threesome. The movie is very cute. Immediately following the the show Erick, Devin, and I went out for pizza. As we were leaving the restaurant, Devin made his father slow down because he said he was "checking out" the girl at the next table. "Isn't she cute Daddy?" Oye!

~A few weeks back (and quite often) Devin asked me if I was still married.

ME: Yes Devin I am still married.

Devin: Are you married forever Mommy?
ME: Yes.
Devin: I am going to marry Aubriana. Okay Mommy?

~Just yesterday when Devin was perusing the movie covers, trying to decide which movie he would like to watch he picked up the Tinkerbell movie and proceeded to tell us which girls on the cover were the prettiest.

I am not sure where he is getting all of these things from. I think, no I KNOW that he picks things up quickly/easily. Its only takes Devin hearing something ONCE for him to know and repeat it again! While I think these things are mostly cute and funny, I do not want him to only look at girl's looks/outside and to judge them superficially. I guess for now I won't read too much into it.....


Stacey said...

Cole has a thing for blond girls. He always approaches them in play areas and chases them around. Then again, he also has a thing for princess dresses so I'm not too worried about this yet.

I think it's hard to raise boys. We want them to be sensitive and respectful, but there is so much social pressure to the contrary.

Joanna said...

I think Girls, Girls, Girls was Motley Crew. Beatie Boys just did Girls. (Dude, I'm old)

I think it's sweet that Devin is noticing girls. I'm sure you will be able to instill a balanced view of women in him over time. You certainly set a good example for him.