Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Sleepover

Devin was invited for his first (non-Grandma) sleepover at our good friends, The Beaulieu's. Pierce, 6, and Devin have been close since Devin was born. Here is what Devin had to say about his sleepover.

"I slept upstairs on the rug and Pierce was in his bed and I was in my sleeping bag. I was facing Pierce. I got to put my head forward facing Pierce and we were talking and got to do ghost stories and talking in the middle of the night. I stayed up really late and I got to play up really early and I got to watch a show really early. We played Topper and we colored Transformers. We had pancakes for breakfast. I watched George the Movie.

My sleepover was good. Can I do it again?

That is it."


Carrie77 said...

LOL! I love when they tell you how excited they are about something they've done for the first time. So precious!

Lisa and Curtis said...

Hahaha!! Sounds like it was a blast!!!