Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apple Fest

Our friends, The Beaulieu's, invited us to the Apple Fest (a Salvation Army fundraiser) at the Sullivan Farm in Nashua. We had a great time while helping a worthy cause. Here are the boys, Pierce and Devin, posing for a picture at the entrance.A family picture in scarecrow area...of course Devin wasn't looking!!
Piling on the scarecrow
Devin FINALLY got to ride a horse! He has been asking for a while. He had a smile PLASTERED on his face the entire time!!
There were a bunch of emergency vehicles available for the kids to check out. Everyone who knows Devin knows how much he has always loved firetrucks. Naturally he had to sit in driver's seat and check it out.
The kids also bounced in a bounce house/slide, played a ton of games, ate hot dogs, won prizes, and all out had a blast!

Here are the boys back at the Beaulieu's house. How do you like the heads they picked out for their scarecrows?
These two boys have known each other since Devin was in the womb. Pierce held him when Devin was 2 days old (Pierce is 1.5 years older). They've really grown to be good buddies. In fact, tonight they are having their first sleepover. Its also Devin's first non-Grandma sleep-out. More to come on that!


Carrie77 said...

I can't wait until Nathan's first sleep over! That will be fun! Love the scarecrow pics with the boys faces.

Lisa and Curtis said...

love these pics! So envious that fall is in full bloom for you guys! Enjoy it! :)

Joanna said...

I love all the fall activities. Kids just seems to come alive for pumpkins and scarecrows. Devin looks like he had a great time. He's a natural behind the firetruck wheel.