Saturday, November 20, 2010

Purple Belt

This morning Devin received his purple belt in Little Ninja's at karate. After he completes his purple belt he will be moving up to the second half of the Little Ninja's program, which will include a new time and day for his class. For now, though, Devin needs to remember that he is one of the leaders of his class. He will be front and center in class and the other kids will be looking to him as a role model/leader. (YIKES!) I hope he can focus and follow through on this new role.

Here are some pictures from this mornings ceremony. (I played around with some of the pictures on my computer picture editing since I originally took them all on my phone...don't laugh!! I'm not very good at it!)
(getting "the boot" to the next level from his main instructor and studio owner...this is a kenpo tradition)This morning Devin told me that he loves Karate! Keep up the good work Devin!

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Carrie77 said...

Yay on the purple belt!!!