Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Neighbor

Top 5 Reasons I am Thankful for my Next Door Neighbor(s)

5. She held on to our keys for us when we left them in the (common area) mailbox! We were in a semi-panic thinking they were lost. Nope just left them in the mailbox (dummies!) and our awesome neighbor held on to them until we got home.

4. She made us Greek cookies for Christmas.

3. She adores Devin. She recently made him his own mini pumpkin banana bread because he told her how much he liked it the last time she made it for us.

2. She babysat Devin for me when Erick's vehicle broke down and he had to get a tow. I had to go pick him up and Devin was already in bed fast asleep. Our closest relative is 1/2 hour away- as is the babysitter we use.

and # 1.......drum roll please!!!!

She and her Mom helped me out Monday morning when I accidentally LOCKED Devin, AND my keys, AND my phone in the car!!! It was about 5* out and yes the car was on and warm. Devin was nice and comfy, all buckled securely in his 5 point harness car seat munching on a snack. I couldn't believe it when I went around to get in the driver's door and it was locked- as well as ALL of the other doors when I tried them!! I didn't realize that the car starter I had put in the Friday before would change the locking situation like that!! I went to this same, previously mentioned neighbor's house to call Erick, who had to drive a half hour home from work to unlock the car! In the meantime my neighbor decided she would go into work late so she could wait with me. I kept going out to check on Devin (remember he was nice and warm in the car that was running with heat on blast!) and then returning to her house to warm up.

I felt terrible! I felt like such an awful Mom! I've been assured that it happens to many people, but I still feel bad about it. Especially when after school that day as I was putting him in the car Devin yells out, "Don't lock me in the car again Mom! Like you always do!" Embarrassing!!!

Its great to have such an awesome neighbor. But I think the bigger question here might be, what the heck is wrong with me lately?? Yikes! Time to get my head examined!!


Michele said...

OMG Karla, that is funny (although I'm sure not at the time)! It's awesome to have good neighbors!

Kara said...

That is great that you have such a good neighbor. Don't get upset about it we have all days like that.