Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today my baby turned five. I guess I shouldn't call him my baby since he is almost four feet tall, weighs 61 pounds, and is now on a sports team. He is so smart, caring, and handsome. I just love him so much!!

We had a small celebration at the house today (after baseball...more to come on that!), with just us, my parents, and Devin's Godmother, since he had his party last week-end. We got this fab Jake and the Never land Pirates cake (and cupcakes for school tomorrow) from Batter Up Cake in Manchester. How adorable is it?? And its so yummy!
You know what? Devin will always be my baby!


Carrie77 said...

Adorable cake! I know, I was laying in bed this morning thinking about how Nathan will be 5 in 17 days and I got misty eyed! Its SO hard to believe, and they will always be our baby!

Mel said...

I LOVE the cake! Devin is 5! Can't believe it! Mine is 5 tomorrow. It is quite a milestone. Happy birthday, Devin!