Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sports Mom

Its official....I am a sports Mom! And I couldn't be happier :)

Devin had his first practice/scrimmage on his birthday, Sunday. He was so excited and looked so cute in his shirt and hat uniform. He played first base...(one of) the assistant coach did a great job showing him how to play the base. He has a little work to do on running bases since he currently likes to stand on the base and watch his ball go flying into the field. (haha, its kind of cute to be honest!) He was such a go-getter...running from 1st base passed 2nd to near center field to get a ball! I love his determination and excitement. He already is looking forward to going next week-end and playing on the "big field."

Ok, I have more pictures but it is not letting me upload them here for some reason! I will try to post more pics in another post.....(grrrr!)

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