Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Double Milestones

I was already feeling a bit emotional on the way to Devin's Pre-K graduation....realizing that he was about to start his "elementary school career" when he announced that he has a wiggly tooth. His FIRST wiggly tooth.

"No! Not today!" was my first thought. I just didn't think I could handle anymore milestones occurring on this day. *Sigh*

But alas, I have no choice.Today Devin graduated from pre-k and got his first loose tooth. My baby is getting so big, so fast. I have such a desire for the baby-ness to still be in the house but I know that I can not hold Devin back. He is ready for Kindergarten, smiles with "windows," sports teams, and play dates without Mom. I'm happy and yet so sad.

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