Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July Fun

On Saturday of our 4th of July week-end we picked up Devin's cousin (my cousin's daughter) and headed over to Erick's parents house for some fun in the sun. Pool + BBQ + beautiful weather = great time!

They enjoyed the water slide...

They had a ton of fun playing with each other- kids and adults alike. Our friend Hilary came with her 3 boys, Erick's cousin with her 2 girls, and some of Erick's other cousins were there too. The kids were AMAZING! No fighting- all fun!
After almost 7 hours in the pool, the kids were wiped! They sat on this seat and waited for us to leave.
This shot shows Devin's busted lip. He fell on a hand weight that he took out from under the couch and left in the middle of the floor on Friday!
These yummy snacks that I made (sorry for the poor pics) were scooped up faster than I could hand them out. I certainly didn't make enough!!!


Mel said...

Those ice-cream sandwiches look delish!

Kara said...

Omg, those cookies look delicious! I am also jealous of that water slide. I think we need one of those in our backyard.