Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation Day 15...

for Erick that is. We've been busy doing this and that. We've gone to the beach, our pool, Erick's parents' pool (each pool a few times), celebrated my birthday, been to BBQs, a baby shower, a climbing play place, redecorated our bedroom, spent lots of time with friends and families, and especially each other. Here are some random pictures of our time during the past two weeks.

My new bedding
Me and Kim on our night out for my birthday
Kim and her beautiful girls at my pool for an afternoon swim
My little fish in the pool!
Devin and Nadya at my parents' house celebrating my Mom's birthday with a BBQ
Ahhh the beach on a gorgeous day!
Blueberry picking!

We've still got 2 more days before Erick heads back. On our agenda? A play date with a friend who is visiting from out of state and helping other friends who just bought a new house. We might also hit up a (semi) local Folk Festival. Whatever we do, I'm sure we will have fun!

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