Monday, September 8, 2008

About that Kitchen

In response to Joanna's questions...

Where do you have everything stored?

How are you cooking?
I am not. Tonight we ordered in Chinese. Tomorrow we are having Dominos 2 for Tuesday! LOL Beyond that we are not sure. We haven't planned for it. We are hoping that they will be finished on Wednesday, but its no guarantee. I kept out a box of granola bars for easy breakfasts, a few cups and bowls, and the silverware. PB&Js are easy to put together too. Plus I can use the microwave, since that is built in. As you can see above, we obviously can not sit at the table and eat, but I figure just about anything is manageable for a couple of days!

(How is that for timeliness?)


Joanna said...

Yikes! I hope they get the work done quickly. In the mean time, enjoy the takeout and delivery.

Stacey said...

I hope they get things done fast. In the mean time enjoy not having to cook meal. I know that can get pricey through.