Friday, September 12, 2008

Cute Conversations

This conversation occurred between Devin and I yesterday morning.

Devin: I like your new shirt Mom.
Me: (after giggling a little since he has never said this before) I like your new jeans Devin.
Devin: I like your new jeans too, Mom. (I was wearing brown dress pants)
Me: Thanks Devin!
Devin: I'm a cry Mom.
Me: Why are you gonna cry Devin?
Devin: I want Daddy, Mom.
We proceed to call Daddy who is on his way to work.
Devin: Hi Daddy!
Daddy: Hi Devin!
Devin: You go to work Daddy?
Daddy: Yes, Devin. I have to go to work.
Devin: You a mailman Dad?
Daddy: Yes Devin, I'm a mailman.
Devin: Okay Dad. I luuh you.
Daddy: I love you too Devin. Be good for Mommy.

It still amazes me that Devin is capable of holding a conversation complete with his own thoughts. I am also impressed lately with how he lets me know of his emotions.



Fullerton Family said...

Isn't this such a fun age?! I love how much the vocabulary and conversation skills have exploded!

Stacey said...

It is always amazing to me that such a little person can hold on a conversation. So cute.

Erin said...

That is so cute!! I love how at this young age they can understand and carry on an actual conversation. It just amazes me!

Lisa and Curtis said...

Oh that is so cute! He is one smart cookie!! It's so crazy how we went from rocking them all night to holding converstations so quickly! lol

-Bridget said...

So adorable!