Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Ramblings

Things around here have been a little bit busy and crazy so I thought I would fill you in with a random ramblings post.

*Devin has an Elf on the Shelf that he received last year (I believe?) from Grandma. This is the first year, though, that we've really gotten into it! Frain, as Devin named his Elf, reports to Santa every night about Devin's day/behavior. He leaves once everyone is asleep and returns before we awaken~ he is magic you know. Having the Elf in our house this Christmas season has been lots of fun! Every morning Devin runs downstairs to see where Frain has "landed." Sometimes Frain has landed in his trucks, in the water compartment of the fridge, the handle to his toy bins, on the Christmas tree, under the kitchen table, next to the telephone, and other crazy places! On one particular day, though, Frain returned with a letter from Santa. It was a reminder letter to Devin letting him know that he knew that Devin forgot to be a good listener and that he knows that Devin can be a good boy, and that Mommy and Daddy and Santa were all expecting him to be a good boy. You know what? He behaved much better! Was it the letter from Santa? Who knows but it sure is fun!

*This week I am supposed to be in Boston again finishing up the last 3 days of my Reading Intervention training (which continues from October). Notice I said supposed? Well...I went for one day and was so miserable. I was either in extreme pain (and couldn't pay attention) or I was drugged out from the pain meds (and couldn't pay attention). Clearly I didn't get much out of this one day. It all started on Friday night....I noticed that underneath my bridge (lower left molars) was hurting a little so I brushed, flossed, rinsed really well a few times hoping to get rid of whatever irritant was bothering me. Saturday I was out shopping with my mother and grandmother and I was barely talking. The pain was really kicking in. We stopped to get me some Orajel. By Sunday I was taking out the old pain meds from last years wisdom teeth surgery. Monday morning by the time I got to the dentist I had cried several times and thought I might like to shoot my face off. My dentist started me on antibiotics and informed me that I needed a root canal. I decided I would be a hero and wait until after my training for the root canal now that I had the antibiotics and pain meds. Well, you heard how that went above. Now I go tomorrow for the root canal and back to finish my training in March. I just hope its all a distant memory by Christmas Eve!

*I am getting really excited for Christmas Eve and Christmas! I can't believe its in a week. Yay! I still have a couple of things I need to pick up, mostly gift certificates. I've got lots of wrapping to do....maybe that's what I will do now since Devin is at school and I am feeling half way decent for the moment!

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Carrie77 said...

Love hearing about your elf on the shelf... its so much fun! Sorry about the root canal-- ouch!