Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Although Devin was being a "turkey" for a Thanksgiving Eve photo shoot, we managed to get a few good pictures out of the bunch. A lot of the pictures taken managed to have Devin over-smiling, head tilting back, nose scrunched up and just looking plain evil. Maybe that would have been appropriate? Nah, most of the time he's good! :)

Happy Family Photo

Precious Devin and Santa Photo
Devin refused to sit on Santa's lap. Can't say that I blame him. Santa was gracious enough to kneel down beside him and I love how that created this pose. Devin was eagerly telling Santa about all of the "Toy Story" toys he wants for Christmas!

I was glad, though, that we were not waiting in line in the middle of the mall trying to coerce Devin to sit on Santa's lap while all of the other kids and parents watched on, feeling pressured to hurry up and force him on Santa's lap or forgo our turn after waiting in line for 45 minutes! Thank God the picture studio had their own Santa! (Just saying....)


Steph said...

Karla your family picture and the one of Devin with Santa look great! Love them both!

Kara said...

Great pictures!