Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a fantastic Christmas! It was just as exciting as I imagined it would be and it was filled with lots of family time, good food, and laughs.

Devin favorite gifts were definitely Buzz and Woody (if you haven't checked out the video below- please do!) These were the two gifts that Devin asked Santa for here and every opportunity he had. Needless to say has been thrilled with these plastic talking figures!!

A close second, though, have been his Imaginext toys. He received the Imaginext Firehouse from us and the Imaginext Helicopter from my parents. Devin has had so much fun playing with these toys and their accessories the past two days. And, I have to add, they are pretty darn cool. Each of them have neat little tricks and contraptions that we keep learning about. These toys keep him entertained for hours!
I am going to back up now. On Christmas Eve we continued our yearly tradition of going to my grandmother's house. All of my cousins and aunts on my mother's side also go and its a nice for all of us to get together.
Devin and Nadya (4)
Isaiah (9)
Qyonna (11) and Me
Skya (2) and Alicia

On Christmas Day we did our Christmas thing here and then went to my parents house.
Devin and Grandma (this was actually Christmas Eve during the day)
Papa, Devin, and Micki
Devin and Marie
Family Photo~ plus Woody of course!

We also had Erick's family over on Christmas night, but Erick did not take many pictures (I was busy serving food, cleaning, etc). There is one picture of Devin playing the guitar that Tia Tonia got for him....Oh boy, we're in trouble!!!

I also made sure to take the time to teach Devin about the meaning of Christmas. I taught him about it being Jesus' birthday and the spirit of giving and celebration. I tried to teach him not to be greedy and act spoiled over presents. We may not be good about going to Church, but we still hold the meaning of Christmas and of God in our hearts.

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did. Love to all.


Kara said...

It does look like you all had a fantastic Christmas. I can't say I blame Devin, I am also a huge Toy Story fan. :)

Lisa and Curtis said...

Love these pics, looks like you guys had a wonderful day together!!