Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eye Doctor

Devin went to the Pediatric Eye Doctor Friday. They were able to get us in a month earlier than our scheduled appointment, which was great! Erick and I were so impressed with how well behaved Devin was while he was getting his exam (for 2 hours!). It doesn't hurt that the doctor and her assistant were soooo good with him.

Devin had a full-blown exam, complete with eye pressure check and dilation. He read the letters like a champ (meaning accurately named the letters when he could see them)- made us so proud!

We did find out a few interesting tid bits about Devin's eyes, thankfully nothing serious. First, the Doc thinks the excessive blinking and rubbing is from severe dryness of the eyes. That makes a lot of sense since Jan/Feb (when it was at its worst) were also when the heat had been blasting for a couple of months and indoor air is dry. She told us to use "fake tears" lubricating drops several times a day to ease this symptom (we had only tried it once and saw no difference at that time). We have been using the drops this week-end and it is helping Devin!

Devin's left eye read weaker than his right eye and he has a slight astigmatism in both eyes. Because of the reading she wants to see him again in about 6 weeks to check his vision again. Right now she is not recommending glasses or anything else besides the drops.

We are glad to have some answers and so proud of Devin for his EXCELLENT behavior :)


Carrie77 said...

How wonderful that he sat there and read the letters! I am glad it was nothing serious!

Kara said...

Great news! That is awesome that he read the letters.