Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Learning Curve

Devin's vocabulary amazes me. He uses large words in conversation and can understand an immense amount of words as well. If he does not know a word, he can often figure it out in context and he is also not afraid to ask what it means (love that!). Lately he has been using a lot of phrases in his speech/conversation such as, "well actually" and "by the way." Its pretty cute.

Devin has also been heavy into rhyming lately. I love how he notices the rhyming words in books (all by himself) and can also produce a pair of rhyming words as well as supply a word that rhymes with a given word.

It is very exciting for me to watch Devin develop as he continues to thrive in his learning of literacy and math. He is also mastering new skills such as scootering and coloring, and really enjoys playing with his friends. He could use a little work on listening, but that is a different post altogether. ;)

I leave you with this little funny:

Devin: Mommy, how come you slept on the couch?

Mommy: Why do you think I slept on the couch?

Devin: Because it's comfortable?

Mommy: Yes Devin, the couch is comfortable. Why would Mommy sleep on the couch though?

Devin: Because Daddy was snoring again?!?! Why? He didn't wear his band-aid!?!?

(referring to his Breathe Right strip) haha


Mel said...

HA HA HA HA!!! They are a little too observant at this age!

Alicia Payton said...

3 year olds say the cutiest things. I wish we could bottle everything cute they do and keep it forever.

Joanna said...

LOL. Poor daddy having his secrets outed!

Michael will ask about words he doesn't know as well. I love it, but some words are really hard to define without using other big words.

Heidi O said...

That's funny. I do love a big vocabulary and the desire to use phrases. It's like they are testing them out to see how they like them. Maggie and Max will test the water to see what we say in response or they giggle.