Monday, March 29, 2010


Devin and Emma have been friends since they were about 20 months (if I am remembering correctly!) Devin is always excited to see Emma, and I love visiting with her Mom, Kim. When the kids get together they love to play, goof around, wrestle~ you name it. There is always one thing you can count on- chaos! It's awesome to see them have such a nice little friendship.

Here they are around their 2nd birthday:
About 2.5 years old and getting affectionate (lol):
Learning how to kiss (oh boy!):
About 3 years old:
Almost 4 years old:
I hope that Devin and Emma can continue their friendship for a very long time. They are so adorable together!! I'd also love them to stay close because I have come to have a great friendship with Emma's Mommy!

PS Kim, this is an old picture. I think you and I need an updated pic soon!


Heidi O said...

Those are great photos! I love those kind of friendships.

Joanna said...

So cute! You caught some great moments. I hope there are more to come.

Mel said...

That is so sweet!!

Amanda said...

Awww!! Devin and Emma are so cute together! And I think it's so awesome that you all have these friendships! :)