Saturday, June 26, 2010

Karate Belt Promotion

Devin is sick. He has a fever, headache, sore/swollen throat. Somehow, we managed to make it to his Belt Promotion at karate today (his first one!). Well, not just somehow but Devin woke up with no fever this morning and was in good spirits/excited for karate. We went to the ceremony and all went well- despite some heavy yawning and seemingly "slow motion." About an hour or 2 after we got home his fever spiked again. Ugh!

Here are some pictures of today's event (the belt promotion)
Getting his new belt (white with yellow stripe- all Little Ninjas go through the white belt with all colors for the program) from Mr. N.
New belt!
Group photo!
Uncle Mark came to watch too.


Mel said...

At least he made it to the belt promotion, but boo for still being sick:( I hope it is nothing serious and he can feel better soon. Happy anniversary to you, by the way!

Carrie77 said...

I know, what is up with these summer colds? Its June!! Bugs go away! He still took great photos!