Sunday, June 6, 2010


I was looking up the word "four" and came across this interesting definition:

The phrase "four-letter word" is used to describe most swear words in the English language, as most swear words do indeed possess four letters.

I think that this definition is most appropriate for the age of four. Not that my 4 year old swears, but he sure makes me want to!! I love the age of 4 for so many reasons: ability to reason, understand, and negotiate, can play games like Yahtzee Jr, Chutes and Ladders, etc and be a part of something larger (karate/swim class/pre-school) while asserting his independence and skills. Devin is learning more and more everyday!

The independence also makes me want to scream sometimes! Devin wants to do everything himself, no matter what. Unless he doesn't feel like it. Then he wants Mommy to do it (get him dressed, put on his shoes). He tests and tests- particularly with his mouth. We have heard so much back-talk and "freshness" lately. Such an attitude that I think a teenager lives in our house. Devin tends to think he is the boss!!

Is this normal 4 year old behavior? I have no idea. I tend to think it is...others have told me similar stories about their children. But I do know one thing, the buck stops here Pal! We are not letting Devin get away with any of it. It will only get worse if we don't do something now. Yikes!

Time out here comes Devin!


Mel said...

Analese has been copping a bit of a tude lately also. It is worse after she plays with other kids. I'm not saying it is the other kids faults, but Analese gets "drunk" on the independence that she feels when she is playing with other kids. Luckily, she is 90% sweetness:)

Heidi O said...

Yes. Maggie is in challenge city right now. NO NO I hate you Mom! I don't have to. She and the 6 yo traded. He has been pretty well behaved since I got back and he was the one I had a hard time with.

Lisa and Curtis said...

I am having the same issues with Bella.

And I commend you and Erick on being diligent with your parenting. I have witnessed time and time again how if you don't start now, it really will only get worse. In my eyes, this is the foundation for how they will behave later. And I don't buy the whole, "they're too young to have time out, be scholded, etc".

Keep up the good work, one day it will pay off I promise!