Monday, June 28, 2010

Am I Winning?

Today Devin is (finally) feeling better. His fever has been gone since last evening and he has some more pep in his step. His appetite is still lacking- but he will get there. So, since we are on vacation we decided to head out and do something fun.

First we went Candle Pin Glow-Bowling. It was awesome. I have never been glow bowling before and we were all lighting up. My pictures came out so bizarre. Here are a few...Devin kept asking, "Am I winning?"

yes! High Five! Errr, maybe???
After the fun with bowling we decided to do lunner (lunch/dinner) at The Rain Forest Cafe. We thought the 1/2 hour drive would be worth the entertaining animal experience. Well, this was Devin's reaction.
The *entire* time we were there.
He even had to sit on my lap. I guess this wasn't our best choice of things to do with Devin. Personally, I like rain forest animals and simulated thunderstorms. Oh well.


Stacey said...

Funny about Rainforest Cafe. Cole will not even go in the wing of the mall with Rainforest Cafe without screaming and crying and clinging to us for dear life.

Joanna said...

Freaky pictures. I love the high five one where Devin is all ghost like. Very cool.

I've heard of the rain forest cafe but we don't have one near buy. I guess it's noisy?

Heidi O said...

Those are some crazy pictures. We haven't been to the rain forest cafe in so long.